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Sunday, April 21, 2013

CAPUTAL RECORDS 14.8MM RAINFALL Kayjmandu, 22 April: The capital recoded 1.8 mm rainfall overnight. Bhairahawa received the heaviest rainfall with 45mm rain. Low pressure is expected to continue for several more days. Heaby rain has been lashing most of the country for several days. Lightning has killed several people. nnnn HIGH-LEVEL POLITICAL MECHANISM MEETS Kathmandu, 21 April: The high-level political mechanism of four polities aad a group supporting met for the first under the rotating chairmanship of NC’s Sushisl Koirala who took over from Maoist Chairman Prachanda Sunday. The meeting also took place after Maoist Chairman Prachanda returned From after a weeklong China visit when he held discussions with President XI discussng government and party relations although Maoists are out of government. The body of parties met to discuss creating an environment for second constituent assembly elections and other political issues. The body asked parties to join the election fray and not oppose elections. Chairman Prachanda briefed hiss other party colleagues on his China visit. Nnnn CPN MAOIST REJECTS TALKS WITH GOVT. Kathmandu, 21 April CPN Maoist Sunday rejected government invitation for talks in a formal letter which came in response to a government invite to discuss elections opposition by 53 parties to a vote nd government.. The party that split from UCPN Maoist also is demanding a government insalled by a roundtable conference. But a coalition led by MJFN of Upendra Yadav joined talks Sunday and presented a 13-point demand. There was no agreement. The government and the opposition alliance will meet for another round of talks for which dates haven’t been fixed. Nnnn NO AGE BAR FOR STUDENT ELECTIONS Kathmandu, 21 April: A single bench of the supreme court Sunday stayed Tribhuvan University (TU)´s decision to bar student leaders above 28 years of age fro m contesting student elections. A bench of Justice Gyanendra Bahadur Karki issued an interim order in response to a writ petition filed by various student leaders Thursday from 14 campuses. nnnn ACTESS NISHA ADHIKARI CLIMBING EVEREST WITHOUT PRMISSION Kathmandu, 21 April:: Actress Nisha Adhikari and actor Arjun Karki are climbing Mt. Everest without taking permission from the Ministry of Tourismm RSS reports from Solokhumbu.. It was revealed, as there were no names of Adhikari and Karki in the letter from the Ministry of Tourism sent to Everest Pollution Control Committee (EPCC). Climbing from the Seven Summit Trek Expedition, they are in the base camp now. As it takes more than three months for taking permission for climbing Everest, they were taken as high altitude workers, said Seven-Summit Trek Expedition Chief Mingmar Sherpa. It is equally recognised if taken permission for climbing or for high altitude worker, he said. However, the Everest Pollution Control Committee Program Coordinator Kapindra Rai said the high altitude worker and climber is different. The certificate to be given by the Ministry is different and it cannot be same, said Rai. The Expedition should pay the high altitude workers, but instead the Expedition itself has charged them Rs. one million each. Any climber from home or abroad should pay 25, 000 US dollars as royalty for climbing Everest. Nnnn MAOIST CHIEF TAKING OVER COUNTRY’S LEADERSHIP Kathmandu, 21 April: Chairman of the UCPN-Maoist, Pushpa Kamal Dahal has directed students to move ahead as the UCPN-Maoist will take leadership of the country in further daysm RSS reports. Addressing the central committee meeting of the All Nepal National Independent Students Union (ANNISU)-Revolutionary today, Dahal claimed that the UCPN-Maoist was only able to give capable and lasting leadership to the country. Claiming that his China visit from the capacity of top leadership of the UCPN-Maoist would make positive impact on economic and social sectors of Nepal, Dahal said the new election to the Constituent Assembly (CA) will decide the fate and future of the country. He directed youths and students to engage wholeheartedly to make the real revolutionaries and patriots as winners in the election and added that a great misfortune would befall in the country if there was even a little bit of weaknesses. Dahal directed to bring right plans and programmes to elect revolutionary student organizations in Free Student Union (FSU) elections, scheduled for May 27.He said ANNISU-Revolutionary should be active to resolve the problems seen in Universities. Similarly, Chairman of the ANNISU-Revolutionary, Himal Sharma, said that there is a programme to submit a special action plan on different issues including election of FSU and further action plan of student organisation. The meeting will run till Monday. nnnn


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