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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CPN MAOIST REJECTS OPPOSITION TO EXPANDED CENTRAL COMMITTEE Kathmandu, 24 April: CPN Maoist central committee meet continues Wednesday with a rejection of opposition inside the party to an expanded Committee of 151 members. Its original strength was 43 members. The party committee is discussing a political report of Chairman Mohan Baidhaya and organization strategy. Nnnn MORE ON PRESIDENT BHATTARAI’S REJECTION OF BHATTARAI’S CHARGE OF ATTEMPTED COUP Kathmandu, 24 April: President Dr. Ram Baraj Yadav again rejected charges by former Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai he attempted four coups for which the army is heeded. He said this in an interview with Annapurna Post Wednesday.. “There’s no need for suspicion on the route taken to arrive here. Coups are conducted with the help of the army. I’ve always rejected that idea. “I have always believed in the supremacy of a lawful state ‘Everybody cooperated when democratic republic came—including neighbours and international community. “Neighbours and the international community support the approach being taken now.. We have everybody’s goodwill. ‘I am a democrat. I feel the road ahead is difficult. In two years we have to complete a constitution and the peace process. The path we have taken is correct. “Government is under me. Everybody is helping me.. I am moving ahead for the country’s success.” nnnn


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