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Thursday, April 25, 2013

NC ON MONTH-LONG ELECTION CAMPAIGN Kathmandu, 26 April: NC is deploying senior leaders to all 75 districts for a month-long campaign to prepare for national elections, the party said. The party will conduct training camps at grassroots level while mobilizing people for the vote and secure a majority. Senior leaders are being sent to districts Friday with responsibilities for one month. NC emerged as the second party after the first assembly elections seven years ago after UCPN Maoist.. Maoists, NC and uML claim they ill emerge victorious in the comng vote. Nnnn CPN MAOIST TO BOYCOTT VOTE Kathmandu, 26 April: A three-day meeting of the expanded central committee of CPN Maoist decided Thursday not to participate in the second constituent assembly election fot which firm official dates haven’t been announced yet. The CPN Maoist endorsed an earlier decision of the party. The party that split from the UCPN Maoist said the vote was being boycotted because the government was illegal. The meeting expanded the original 43-mmeber central committee to 151 members despite stiff internal opposition. Fifty-two other parties support the CPN Maoist in the boycott even as election fever is gripping the country. Government leaders have said firm election dates will only be announced when preparations ate complete. “It’s clear with the status quo, elections can’t be held. We won’t accept election coducted forcibly,” Politburo member Hari Bhakta Kandel told Nagarik. The party is preparing struggles against the vote supported by major foreign powers including India, China, USA and EU member states. ‘This is an election for parliament/ constituent assembly not a constituent assembly as on the first occasions,” said Nilambar Acharya, chairman of a defunct constitution drafting committee. A constitution hasn’t been drafted in seven years. ‘Thee vote should have been held in May\ June. New complexities will now emerge with issues like number of electoral constituencies,’ Acharya, a former law minister said. nnnn.. . .. TWENTY INJURED IN BARDIYA BUS ACIDENT Kathmandu, 26 April: Twenty-two persons were injured, including two tourists, when a bus overturned overnight near a canal in Bardiya. The nationalities of the tourists weren’t immediately known. The bus was going to Mahendranagar from Pokhara. Nnnn MINIMUM TEMPERATURE 15 DEGREES CELSIUS Kathmandu, 26 April: Minimum temperature in the last 24 hours in the capital Friday morning was15 degrees Celsius. Temperature on a rainy afternoon is likely to increase to 29 degrees Celsius. nnnn


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