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Friday, April 26, 2013

REGMI HOLDS DISCUSSIONS WITH ELECTION OFFICIALS Kathmandu, 26 April: Chairman of the interim election council Khil Raj Regmi held discussions Friday with officials of the election commission on proposed second constituent assembly elections. Official dates haven;t been announced yet. Election officials briefed Regmi on preparations one day after they said the commission can hold a vote within 120 days after official announcement of a vote. Regmi discussed on ways to promulgate two election-related ordinances. Even parties that supported appointment of Regmi have accused government and commission for delay in announcing formal election dates. Nnnn MAOIST CHIEF ISSUES CONTROVERSIAL UNDIPLOMATIC STATEMENT BEFORE SATURDAY’S INDIA VISIT Kathmandu, 26 April: Maoist Chairman Prachanda made a controversial undiplomatic comment on India’s security interests and concerns in Nepal ahead of an India visit beginning Saturday.. “During my India visit, I’ll raise issues of Nepal’s developments. If India doesn’t help, we also can’t help in its security concerns. ‘”I raised these issues during by China visit. I will also raise these issues during the India visit,” Prachanda told a public meeting in Salyan Thursday, according to Resham DC in Annapurna Post. The statement need not have been made while pushing Nepal’s agenda during talks with Indian officials. Senior officials in New Delhi have alrejected Prachanda’s public offer to be a bridge between India and China, Nepal’s two largest neighbours. Prachanda returned from China last week when he held discussions with new President Xi. Prachanda is visiting India when Maoists are out of government and is in no position to immediately implement agreements that may be agreed on in the Indian capital. nnnn


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