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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

RPP-NEPAL PUSHES FOR DISSOLITION OF BODY OF BIG FOUR Kathmandu, 18 April: RPP-Nepal Chairman Kamal Thapa Wednesday presented a seven point demand, including dissolution of a four-party body to attempt to keep the government under its wrap.. The body has been issuing directives to the government of Khil Raj Regmi installed by the Big Four. R{{N-Nepal demands were presented to Chairman Regmi. The party is pushing a Hindu state and constitutional monarchy also demanded declaration of firm election sates for second constituent assembly. Nnnn FOUR ARRESTED IN DHANUSHA Kathmandu, 18 April: Four persons suspected for shootings and crimes in Dhanusha and neighbouring Mohottari were arrested in Dhanisha Wednesday. . Four persons were arrested by Dhansha police. They are suspected of bombings at government offices in the two central region terai districts. . Manoj Kumar Sah , Aji Kumar Singh , Sanu Kumar Sah and Vikki Sah were arrested. The four are affiliated to All Tarai Mukti Morcha led by Jaya Krishna Goitm according to police. nnnn.


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