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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

UPDATE THREE TRANSFORMER DAMAGE ESTIMATED AT RS.250 MILLION Kathmandu, 17 April: Transformer damage of three transformers of Kulekhani hydro power plant is estimated at Rs.250 million, Radio Nepal said. Three transformers were damaged overnight at Bhaise in Makwanpour. Nnnn 1.34KG HASH IN 125 CAPSULES RECOVERED FROM NEPALI SWALLOWER Kathmandu, 16 April: Three days after a Nepali swallower was arrested at TIA for suspected drugs trafficking before boarding a Dragon Air flight for Kong Kong, doctors administered laxatives to the tassssember ar hospital where he was interned. Altogether 1.34kg hash was recovered Wednesday from 125 capsules the trafficker has swallowed three days earlier before boarding the flight. nnnn


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