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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CHAIRMAN REGMI BUSY CONSULTING POLITICAL PARTIES, ELECTION COMMISSION OFFICIALS UPDATE Kathmandu, 14 May: Chairman of the Interim Election Council Khi;l Raj Regmi Tuesday held three-hour consultations with uML leaders one day after similar discussions with NC leaders. The government held separate discussions with representatives of some sma;; [arties and Chief Election Commissioner Nilkantha Uprety two months after appointment. Discussions centered around proposed constituent assembly elections. CPN Maoist Spokesperson Tuesday rejected talks with government on government invite for talks. The party that split from UCPN Maoist rejected government invitation for talks reiterating no participation in proposed election with the status quo. She said the party hadn’t received government invitation for talks. MORE NEPAL RASHTRIYA SEWA DAL LAUNCHED Kathmandu, 14 May: Nepal Rashtriya Sewa Dal with a network in 64 of the country’s 75 districts is being registered for constituent assembly elections probably in November/December. The party is being launched by former Nepal Army and police personnel whose voices, they said Tuesday , haven’t been addressed. Numbering 64,000 plus, they are victims of the 10-uuear Maoist insurgency. nnnn


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