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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

PRACHANDA DEFENDS CHAIRMAN REGMI Lathmandu, 28 May: Maoist Chairman Prachanda came out openly and strongly in support of Chairman Khil Rej Regmi amid repeated demands from NC and UML for his resignation as chief justice of the supreme court. NC President Sushisl Kiirala reiterated the demand Tuesday in Tanahu. Defending the appointment of Regmi as chairman of an interim election concil while continuing as chief justice , Pprachanda said,” He [Regmi] was appointed and parties put their signatures on a document to appoint him while he was chiefjustice. “He is now completely immersed in wotk related to elections. Ir is a wrong time to call for his resignation. “The move will send a wrong message,” the Maoist chief told reporters at his residence. Prachanda and Regmi held discussions Tuesday morning and on date for the second assembly vote. nnnn


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