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Thursday, May 23, 2013

SP DISTRICT PROTESTS Kathmandu, 24 May: Sadbhavana Party (SP) is staging sit-ins at district offices pressing 10 demands Friday . Party Chief and former minister Rajendra Mahoto who began a hunger strike in the capital has worsened with diabetes and high blood pressure. Government rejected a demand to immediately set date for proposed second constituent assembly elections. nnnn NEPAL, KYRGYASTHAN DIPLOMAIC RELATIONS Kathmandu, 24 May: Nepal has decided to establish diplomatic relations with Kyrgyastan. Cabinet took a decision Thursday. nnnn TENURE OF GENERAL EXTENDED Kathmandu, 24 May: The tenure of Maj. Gen. Pawan Bahadur Pandey has been extended by seven months 17 days. The government took a decision Thursday. nnnn


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