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Monday, May 27, 2013

UPDATE GOMA AIR ACCIDENT OCCURED AFTER TIRE BURST WHILE LANDING Kathmadu, 27 May: The rear tire of Goma Air burst while the aircraft of landed at Simikot airport from Nepalgunj at 10.35 in the morning Monday. Nnnn UPDATE NO AGREEMENT ON ELECTORAL EVEN BY WEDNESDAY Kathmandu, 26 May: It’s certain parties of the high-level political body won’t resolve their differences on contents of election laws by Wednesday to allow government to announce official date for second constituent assembly polls as agreed Tuesday in three days. ‘There is no point in meeting without the presence of senior leaders,” Maoist general Secretary Post Bahadur Bogati said. UML:’s Raghuji Pant said Monday the next meeting of the body has been convened on Wednesday after agenda was not discussed in the presence of NC President Sushil Koirala. Election commission has proposed an election ordinance over which major parties have differences. Nnnn DIVERSISON WASHED AWAY IN NAWALPARASI FOR FOURTH TIME IN ONE MONTH Kathmandu, 27 May: Thousands of passengers have been stranded at Nawalparasi again—the fourth time in one month—after overnight diversion washed away a divervion near Kawasoti in the district. The diversion was repaired only 24 hours earlier after it was washed away by flash floods. Nnnn LIGHTNING KILLS ONE IN PHAPARBARI IN MAKWANPUR Kathmandu, 27 May: One person was killed by lightning at Phaparbari in Makwanpur overnight. The house was completely destroyed. nnnn


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