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Thursday, June 13, 2013

DETAILS OF OPPOSITION TO ELECTIONS Kathmandu, 13 June::Thirty-three parties of ae Federal Democratic Alliance (FDA) with CPB Maoist, another front led by MJFN Chairman Upendra Yadav and Chairman of Feredal Socialist Party Issued the threat to government not to unilaterally announce elections and promulgate election laws. CPN Maoist hasn’t registered for the vote while parties led by Yadav and Rai and among 139 have sought recognition from election commission to contest the vote. ‘Don’t make an announcement, It will be a grave mistake,” warned Baidhaya amid threat to oppose them. Rai also called for nullifying an 11-point agreement and and a 25-pout apreement to remove obstacles[ read amendment to interim constitution] in the absence of parliament[ calling hem ‘unconstitutional. The Big Three and Madesh Morcha pushed the two agreements. nnnn


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