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Monday, June 10, 2013

FORMER KING SCHEDULED TO VISIT LAHAN TUESDAY Kathmandu, 11 June: Former King Gyanendra is scheduled to visit Lahan after he defied students affiliated and visited Rajbiraj and stayed overnight there at a hotel. He was welcomed by thousands of supporters supporting pro-monarchy and pro-king slogans even as some students hurled stones and sandals at him. Six were arrested. The former king resumed his visit of central districts and offered prayers at temples after son and former Crown Prince Paras suffered a massive heart attack in Bangkok earlier this year. The entire family flew to Bangkok to be at the beside of Paras who is now convalescing at a rehabilitation center in the Thai capital. Nnnn NEPALI RUPEE DEPRECIATED FURTHER AGAINST US DOLLAR Kathmandu, 11 June: The Nepali rupee depreciated further agaist the US dollar Tuesday. The Nepal Rashtra Bank fixed Tuesday’s exchange rate at Rs. 92.93 against the greenback. The Nepali rupee has a fixed exchange against the Indian rupee while the exchange rate of the NepaIi rupee is fixed every day against convertible currencies by the central bank. A dollar fetched Rs 91.88 in June 2012. The declining value of the rupee will make imports costlier during the coming festive seasonl price of POL products will also rise. . The depreciation of the Nepali rupee comes as the value of the US dollar gained against the Indian rupee. nnnnn


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