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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

GANDAK PROTECTION WORK BEGINS Kathmandu, 19 June: Works of embankment have begun in Gandak area to protect from erosion by Narayani River, RSS reports from Parasi.. The River started eroding the area following incessant rainfall across the country. The River further eroded the Spur number 12 under B Gap inviting risks of cutting-off Spur no 11 and 12 and the whole Gandak embankment. The river had eroded 110 meters of 163 meters of the Spur No. 12 last year. The Indian side under the initiative of local Nepali administration has started the works of protection to prevent erosion of land in the Narayani River area. The Indian side has been filling up gabion wires and sacks with sands, said Chief District Officer, Keshavraj Ghimire. The river water has risen to more than 200,000 cusecs following incessant rainfall across the country for the last few days. The river water would inundate the settlements in 13 VDCs if the river water reaches 350,000 cusecs. The fear was arisen among the locals as the repair of the damaged spur was not done in time. Locals claimed that the risk of inundating of the settlements increased as the Indian side did not pay attention in time to the construction and repair works to be carried out this year. nnnn CHILD WORKERS REUNITED WITH FAMILIES Kathmandu, 19 June: The Women and Child Welfare Office, Mahottari has handed over 22 child workers who were rescued from an embroidery outlet in the capital on June 13 back to their families, RSS reports from Mohottari. These children were employed at an embroidery outlet at Thankot in the capital. They were earlier rescued by different social organizations working in the child rights sector and handed over to the women and child welfare office. The children from 12 years old to 17 years old were rescued from the embroidery workshop by volunteers from Himali Nabin Samaj, CWEIN and CIVIS, among others. Among the rescued children, 18 are from Mahottari district and the rest from Bela village of Sitamadhi district in India. The children were handed over to their parents on Tuesday, according to the women and children welfare office. Nnnn 12 CONVICTED FOR POACHING Kathmandu, 19 June: The Chitwan National Park (CNP) has sentenced 12 people to prison for killing rhinos and selling the rhino horn, RSS reports from Chitwan.. A division bench headed by Chief of CNP, Kamal Juing Kunwar, handed down the sentence. They have been handed down prison sentences ranging from 10 years to 15 years and fines in the range of 50 thousand to 100 thousand rupees, the CNP office stated in a press release on Wednesday. All the convicts are from Nawalparasi district. They are Amar Bahadur Gurau alias Yamlal, Mukti Gurau, Hiralal Mardaniya, Bishnu Bahadur Gurau, Bhojbir Rana, Narayan Mahato, Prem Mahato, Chhannuram Mahato, Buddhi Panjiya and Ghale Gurung of Pithauli, Ishwari Mahato of Kawasoti and Durga Rana of Kolhuwa. Among them, Yamlal faces the highest sentence comprising 15 years imprisonment and Rs. 75,000 fine. Nima Lama of Kathmandu who is absconding will be tried after his arrest, it is stated. nnnn


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