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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

FORMER DIRECTOR OF SIDDHARTHA DEVELOPMENT BANK ARRESTED Kathmandu, 19 June former director of Siddhartha Development Bank Madhusudav Silwal was arrested Tuesday Central Investigation Bureau (CIB). Investigation is being conducted on illegal Rs.130 million loan extended by the bank to Jamko Publication. Nnnn NEPALI RUPEE TOUCHES A NEW LOW AGAINST US DOLLAR Kathmandu, 19 June: Nepali rupee has depreciated further against the US dollar. Nepal Rashtra Bank fixed Wednesday’s exchange rate at Rs. 94.05 to the dollar to maintain the cross-bored border exchange rate with the Indian rupee. Nepal has a fixed exchange rate with the Indian rupee while the exchange rate with convertible currencies is fixed every day. The dollar appreciated against the Indian rupee. nnnn


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