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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

GAS DLEAERS SAY INCREASED COMMISSION INADEQUATE Kathmandu, 26 June: Gas Dealers Federation Nepal has opposed amid threats of protests a decision of the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) to increase commission for LPG dealers and transporters by 9 percent to Rs 232.5 per cylinder. The government has introduced dual-color cylinders for private and industrial use-- blue for industrials and diplomatic sectors and red for industries from 15 June. The Federation said the commission is inadequate to and said the business can’t be operated with inadequate commission and demanded further increase in commission. NOC also says it has toincur heavy loss with increased commission. Nnnn . UML CHAIRMAN KHANAL’S CHINA VISIT POSTPONED Kathmandu, 26 June: UML Chairman Jhalanath Khnals China has been Postponed, Kantipur reports. He was invited by China immediately after Chairman Prachanda’s talks with the new Chinese leadership. The visit has been adjourned because of time for discussions with top leadership couldn’t be fixed. Pradip Geywali is leading a UML delegation visiting China instead. nnnn


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