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Monday, June 3, 2013

NEA PROTESTS CONTINUE Kathmandu, 3 June: For the second consecutive day Monday, employees of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) stopped senior executives from entering office to disrupt work. Employees affiliated with four different unions oppose upgrading the capacity of Trishuli A from 60 to 90MW. The board took a decision last week. A Chinese contractor is working on the project.. NEA employees said protests will continue until the decision is overturned. nnnn . HLPC MEET INCONCLUSIVE Kathmandu, 3 June: Monday’s meeting of the high-level political committee (HLPC) of the Big Three and Madesh Morcha to discuss differences on contents of an ordinance on elections was inconclusive. Leaders of UCPN Maoist, NC, UML and the Morcha were to discuss differences, election date, size of a constituent assembly and whether persons with criminal record should be allowed to contest elections. A eight-member task force constituted by the committee Sunday also couldn’t resolve differences. The task force only agreed on the assembly strength which should be 491. The task force reported to the committee Monday morning after it conducted two meetings. The HLPC will meet again Friday. Government is waiting for the hLPC to resolve differences before announcing election date. Thirty-three parties are opposed to the vote. nnnn


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