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Saturday, June 15, 2013

POLYTHENE BANS BANNED IN CAPITAL FROM SATURDAY Kathmandu, 15 June: The use of polythene bags has been banned in Kathmandu Metropolitan City ( KMC ) today onwards, RSS reports.. The KMC said this drive was launched to discourage the production of plastic bags as it would add to pollution in the town and create blockage in the drainage system. Spokesperson at the KMC Shanta Ram Pokhrel said the decision was taken because the polythene bags weighing less than 35 microns were not appropriate from the health perspective and the industrialists were also reluctant to produce the plastic bags weighing more than 35 microns. The KMC is scheduled to launch a publicity campaign in all 35 wards in the town for two weeks for effective implementation of the decision. The KMC has said that Rs 500 would be fined to a buyer and Rs 1,000 to the sellers. Nnnn STATUE OF PRITHVI NARAYAN SHAH THE GREAT BEING REINSTATED IN GORKHA Kathmandu, 15 June The statue of the founding gather and the first Shah King Prithvi Narayan Shah the Great being reinstated at Gorkha. It was vandalized by Maoists during their 10-uear people’s war.. The move to reinstate the staue has been made by a government of retired former civil servants. The government is headed by Khil Raj Raj Regmi who continues as chief justice of the supreme court. Prithvi Narayan Shah is now a hero of the Maoists while Chairman Prachanda claiming he’s the incarnation of the unifier and founder of modern Nepal. Prachanda argues he is Nepal’s new Prithvi Narayan after establishing a republic with Maoist dominance. nnnn


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