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Saturday, June 29, 2013

UPDATE BHATTARAI RESIGNATION Kathmandu, 29 June: Vice Chairman of the Unified CPN (Maoist), Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, speaking in the ongoing Central Committee (CC) meeting of the party here on Saturday, underlined the need for developing a sense of sacrifice at all levels of the party and that he would himself start this, RSS reports. Putting forth his views in writing, Dr. Bhattarai said that although what post one holds does not matter much in a communist party, many people were vying for the posts in the recent days, and that he would relinquish his post, according to party Spokesperson Agni Sapkota. Sapkota said, "Dr. Bhattarai said that since there were more aspirants for the party posts and as this culture is wrong and that he was ready to give up his post if need be. He has not resigned." "He [Dr. Bhattarai] put forth his views in a positive way urging all to sacrifice indicating that rather than seeking only posts for building the party one should also be ready to make sacrifices. Its intent is to move the party ahead," Sapkota said. Stating that the party was univocal regarding the party´s tactics and strategy, Spokesman Sapkota said the leaders in the CC meeting had underlined the need for forging a clear view on organizational matters also. Party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal had proposed in the CC meeting on Friday for a nine member officials´ body and a 25-member Standing Committee including seven alternative members. Similarly, he had proposed forming a 51-member politburo including 14 alternative members, and 151-member full central member body. He had also proposed that there would also be alternative central members as per the need. Thirty-one leaders put forth their views on Dahal´s proposal in the CC meeting today. Spokesperson Sapkota informed that the meetings of party office-bearers, former standing committee members, bureau in-charges and state committee members will take place to draw conclusions on various issues including organization by adjourning the ongoing central committee meeting. UCPN (Maoist) leader Khim Lal Devkota said that the debate and discussion was to bring the party to right track. There was no dispute within the party and the meeting was extended to hold discussion for establishing system in the party. Nnnn WE WILL MAKE NEPAL HAVEN IN A DECADE: NC ACTING PRESIDENT POUDEL; PAUDEL PARTY CHIEF IN SUSHIL KOIRALA’S ABSENCE Kathmandu, 29 June: Acting President of Nepali Congress has attended a paddy seedlings plantation programme at Dandathok of Lamatar in Lalitpur district on Saturday afternoon, RSS reports from Lalitpur. . On the occasion, Poudel said that modernization and commercialization of agriculture was needed to take the country towards economic revolution. Saying that agriculture, hydropower and tourism were bases of Nepal´s prosperity, Poudel added, "We will make Nepal a haven within 10 years through development of agriculture, hydropower and tourism." He also stressed for developing a new culture of respecting agriculture occupation by reversing the age-old wrong conception about agriculture and farming. Poudel said Nepal´s poverty and unemployment should be ended through adoption of new technology and commercialization of agriculture. nnnn


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