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Saturday, July 27, 2013


Kathmandu, 27 July: Army  Chief  Gen. Gaurav Shumsher Rana concluded a week-long Vhina visit Saturdy.
He flew home via  Bangkok from Changshui in central China.
Commander of Yunnan Military Region, Maj. Gen. Zhao Xiaonan, and the military attachés at the Nepali Embassay in China and Chinese Embassy in Nepal
saw him off at Changshui.
Kathmandu, 26 July:: Four children--  two boys and two girls—drowned
in pond while bathing at Sasapur-6 in Sarlahi Saturday.

They were aged 10 to 13 years.
They studied at Shree Lower Secondary School

Kathmandu, 27 July:: Lack of election-friendly environment despite enforcement of the election code of conduct and marathon parleys among the political parties have added woes to the upcoming Constituent Assembly (CA) election, raising serious question to the second CA election, RSS reports..

The leaders of political parties and commoners are not well assured whether or not the CA election would be conducted on November 19 though the High-Level Political Committee (HLPC) and political parties have expedited talks focusing on the election.

However, no political party has stood against the CA election though the environment for election has not been prepared.

The agitating political parties have said that going for CA election under the current circumstances is irrelevant without addressing the issues that were raised in the past and figuring out problems.

The agitation carried out by the CPN-Maoist and other agitating parties demanding scrapping of the 25 point-order promulgated by the President to remove the constitutional difficulties and others has further clouded the environment for polls.

Prof. Dr Shyam Kant Silwal observes that environment for election was not created as people have lost their faith on politicians due to lack of politicians' farsightedness.

Silwal also said that politicians are to blame for the current situation due to lack of their commitment to the institutionalisation of the achievements obtained through people's massive participation.

He further added that a common meeting point should be found among the political parties with diverse philosophical background for the CA election.

Likewise, former chief election commissioner Surya Prasad Shrestha said environment for election was not prepared as some political parties interfered in the standards of election related laws to win more seats while other parties challenged the same procedures and announced not to contest the losing battle.

He, however, reasoned that all could not be assured in the election and political parties are required to accept the democratic process to test their popularity among the people.

Likewise, former lawmaker of the Nepali Congress Suprava Ghimire said it's high time to work for election as doubts still exist regarding the CA election though the people were eager to cast their votes.

She suggested that the political parties should organize assemblies, rallies, trainings and door-to-door campaign to make the voters aware targeting the upcoming CA election.
KATHMANDU: South Korea has called application for the fourth Korean language test to select around 8,200 Nepali job aspirants, 4,600 in manufacturing and 3,600 in agriculture and livestock sectors.

According to Human Resource Department (HRD) of South Korea, Nepalis under 40 years of age can apply for Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) that will be held on August 21-24, 2013. Employment Permit System (EPS) Nepal under Department of Foreign Employment has planned to accept application from five places— Kathmandu, Dharan and Butwal.

However, the TOPIK test will be held in Kathmandu only. The details of the test will be published in national newspapers and EPS website on September 25, it said. Applicant has to pay $24 (Rs 2,266) to get registered for the test, it said, adding that TOPIK result will be published on October 21 in EPS TOPIK, HRD South Korea and EPS Korea websites.

According to EPS, the test will be of two modules — listening and reading — and multiple choices.

Applicants have to attach copy of Nepali citizenship certificate or passport along with 6 x 12cm photograph in the application, it said.

South Korea has become the most lucrative destination for Nepali workers. An EPS jobholder makes around $970 (Rs 90,000) a month in South Korea. Nepali youth have been attracted towards the jobs in the destination, therefore, about 57,000 Nepalis had applied for TOPIK in 2011.

More than 32,000 aspirants had attended the first Korean language test in August 2008. About 20,000 Nepalis have been working in the destination and 18,000 are EPS workers. However, about 6,000 Nepalis are still waiting to join South Korean jobs from the job roster created in 2011.

Job aspirants included in the roster have been protesting against starting the new Korean language test only after they are assured of their jobs in South Korea.


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