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Tuesday, July 30, 2013



Kathmandu, 31 July: Three sisters were killed at Bhaise in Makwanpur
The father who was injured in undergoing treatment at a local health post.


Kathmandu, 31 July: Capital Wednesday morning temperature was 22 degrees Celsius.
Temperature is the afternoon is expected to rise to 29 degrees Celsius.
Rainfall recorded Tuesday was 25.9mm.

Kathmandu, 31 July:: The alliance of 33 agitating parties led by the CPN-Maoist has decided not to sit for talks with the government and the High Level Political Committee (HLPC), Loran Pun writes in Republica..

A meeting of the alliance held at CPN-Maoist headquarters at Buddhanagar on Tuesday took the decision, concluding that the government and the HLPC were not honest about talks. The meeting also flayed the arrest of two of their cadres recently.

Mani Thapa, general secretary of the Revolutionary Communist Party-Nepal (RCP-N), said they decided not to sit for talks with the government and the HLPC as the invitation letter sent to them did not treat them like a political force. "We won´t sit for talks on the basis of the two separate invitation letters we have received from the government and the HLPC. We may consider sitting for talks if they sent politically proper letters," he said. The RCP-N is a constituent party of the 33-party alliance.

The alliance also demanded the unconditional release of the arrested cadres of the CPN-Maoist. "There is no point sitting for talks with the government and the HLPC as they have not said anything about scrapping the 25-point ordinance for removing constitutional difficulties," Thapa argued.

Chairman of CPN(Maoist) Matrika Yadav alleged that the government and the HLPC were just staging a drama in the name of talks, and the government had been arresting party cadres and top leaders of major parties were threatening action against them. "The meeting concluded that the so-called HLPC and the government were not honest about talks. They have suppressed the voice of the agitating forces and arrested cadres involved in writing graffiti," Yadav told Republica.

The alliance meeting on Tuesday decided to intensify the poll boycott, demanding that the 25-point ordinance for removing constitutional difficulties be annuled. They also decided to stage protests across the country, includes burning the election code of conduct brought into force by the Election Commission on Thursday.

Among other things, the meeting has entrusted the taskforce led by CPN-Maost leader Dev Gurung with the responsibility for replying to the government and HLPC. A press statement issued by Gurung on behalf of the alliance said the taskforce would also unveil fresh protests and the posters for the purpose.
Meanwhile, CPN-Maoist affiliate Newa State Committee, in a press statement, condemned the arrest of their cadres Sirjana Rai and Shyam Bajracharya and demanded their immediate release. The two were arrested from Kopundol and seven other cadres were injured in a police baton-charge.

Earlier, the Baidya-led Maoists had formed a five-member talks team following the party´s central committee meeting held in Pokhara. But after receiving invitation letters from the HLPC and the government, the Maoists decided not to sit for talks, arguing that the letters were not really for talks and also condition were being stipulated. The HLPC has mentioned the condition not to talk about the CA poll date or changing the Khil Raj Regmi government.


Kathmandu, 31 July: Pushpa Kamal Dahal-led Federal Democratic Republican Alliance (FDRA)--the alliance of the UCPN(Maoist) and Madhes-based parties-- is to mull an electoral alliance for the upcoming CA poll, Republica reports..

A meeting of FDRA on Tuesday concluded that the relevance of the alliance has increased not only for holding the election but also for drafting the constitution.
"The meeting concluded that the alliance should become united for holding the election and drafting the constitution," Prem Bahadur Singh, spokesperson of the FDRA, told Republica.

According to him, FDRA chief Dahal had briefed the meeting on the current situation of Nepali politics. He said the constitution will be drafted only if there is an electoral alliance of the FDRA for the CA poll.

"The conclusion of the meeting is to go to elections with an alliance of the FDRA and a single manifesto," added Singh.
Earlier, the alliance meeting had given a mandate to the alliance secretariat to write the manifesto and prepare to expand its committees at the district level.

Singh informed that the secretariat has already floated its report at the full FDRA meeting. Another meeting has been called for Thursday because of a meeting of the United Democratic Madhesi Forum (UDMF) before that. Singh said that members of the UDMF had urged a meeting on Thursday. UDMF members will participate in the FDRA meeting after holding their own meeting.

FDRA was formed as the ruling alliance at the time of the Baburam Bhattarai-led government.



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