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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Kathmandu, 8 Aig.: Tarun Dal, student wing of NC, Thursday closed down
Chitwan where schools and markets have been closed down.
The studenr wing of the NC is demanding release of two activists charged
For assaulting an Indian national in the central district.
Movement of vehicles has come to a grinding halt.
Kathmandu, 8 Aug.: HLPM behind the government is holding talks with Ashok Rai of Federal Socialist Party Thursday.
Four constituents are mechanism behind the government are holding
separate talks  to determine their positions on demands of 33 parties of
the opposition group with CPN Moist pressing 18 demands.
Talks are being with 33 parties Friday.
The parties are opposed to the 19 November elections under a status quo and are demanding a consensus for a vote for the assembly.
UCPN Maoist, NC. UML and Madeshi Morcha are determined to hold
elections to be conducted by a government of retired civil servants.
“We have been most flexible I out approach to talks. We narrowed down demands from 13 to six. The present crisis has been created by four constituents of the syndicate,” Upendra Yadab of MJFN  which held separate talks with HLPM this week said.
HLPM constituents insist 19November elections can’t be rescheduled.
Kathmandu, 8 Aug.: The ‘vote-buying tactics’ of the three major student unions brought a fortune worth around Rs 500 million to the Tribhuvan University, as a huge amo-unt of money was invested to enroll thousands of ‘bogus’ students to influence the Free Student Union elections that was scheduled for June 6., Bonid Ghimere writes in The Kathma du Post.
Though a surprise 89 percent growth in student admissions brought unexpected income to the state-run TU, experts say it did not bode well for the future of the oldest university and the upcoming Constituent Assembly polls and exposed the deep-seated culture of buying votes gripping the major political parties. The parties’ investment, however, went in vain as the university cancelled the polls smelling rat in the last-minute student enrollment spree.
As a student paid around Rs 4,000 on an average for admission,
TU constituent colleges reportedly earned an additional Rs 500 million and the central office made around Rs 30 million at the rate of Rs 250 per student. The TU has 60 constituent and over 900 affiliated colleges across the country.
TU admissions swelled right after the announcement of the FSU polls in sharp contrast to the dramatic decline in the last four years. Records show, after a free fall in the last four years, the TU saw an increase of 129,450 students in the fiscal year 2012/13, taking the total number of students from 143,899
in 2011/12 to 273,349 today. The number that was 186,880 in 2009/10 decreased to 159,349 in 2010/11 and further fell by 30,000 in 2011/12.
According to TU Registrar Chandra Mani Poudel, the admission competition among the student unions targeting the FSU elections was one of the main factors behind the soaring enrollment.
“However, improvement in the pass percentage in the constituent colleges and introduction of the new courses too are the reasons behind it,” he said.
TU officials say students admitted through the illegal channel alone account for above 50 percent of the total enrolment. The Three major unions poured millions of rupees into admitting ‘fake’ students to win the FSU polls.
The UCPN (Maoist) close All Nepal National Independent Student Union-Revolutionary, the CPN-UML aligned All Nepal National Free Student Union and the Nepali Congress close Nepal Student Union were found admitting thousands of students in colleges across the country.
The unions even hold administrative staffs of Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus captive on May 18 in their last-ditch effort to admit students even after the deadline.Experts say as the student politics is an easy means to penetrate the mainstream politics, there is a fad among the parties and leaders to pump money into the FSU poll to guarantee their wins.
“Otherwise, why would they invest such a huge amount of money?” asked Bidhya Nath Koirala, an educationist.
The fact that most of the parties hardly hesitate to invest in student politics thinking that it pays off at the end of the day is no longer a hidden thing.
Weeks before June 6, the UCPN (M) and the UML had tasked some top leaders tobring out the FSU election results in their respective partys’ favour.


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