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Thursday, August 15, 2013


Kathmandu, 15 Aug.: : Property worth Rs. 80 million was destroyed due to bird flu at three poultry farms in Kavre district, RSS reports from Banepa.

Veterinary doctor at the District Livestock Office, Kavre, Raghu Shrestha, said that property worth Rs. 35 million had to be destroyed at Nepal Hatchery Farm of Ram Hari Dhakal at Sanga of Nasikasthan, and property worth Rs. 45 million at two farms of Ashapuri Hatchery at Janagal and Mahendrajyoti VDCs in the district.

The bird flu was detected in the areas linked with Bhaktapur district, but it has not been found at other places, said Shrestha.

A total of 15,270 chickens and 11,543 eggs ready for hatching chicks, 8,860 eggs and 8,550 kilograms of poultry feed of Nepal Hatchery were destroyed.

Similarly, 6,670 chickens, 1,600 kilograms of poultry feed and 3,185 ready-for-hatching chicks of Janagal-based Ashapuri Hatchery were also destroyed.

Likewise, 8,140 chickens, 38,310 eggs ready for hatching and 1,700 kilograms of poultry feed of Mahendrajyoti VDC-based Ashapuri Hatchery were also destroyed, according to the District Livestock Office, Kavre.

However, there was no bird flu at other places in Kavre, said Dr. Shrestha.



Kathmandu, 15 Aig. Central member of the Nepali Congress, Dr. Ramsharan Mahat, has said that the date of the election to the Constituent Assembly (CA) could be postponed if the participation of the CPN-Maoist in the election was guaranteed, RSS reports from Buatnagar.
At a programme organized by Nepal Press Club in  Morang
said the CPN-Maoist should discard other 18-point demands if they want postponement of the date of CA election.

Stating that CA election would be held at any cost even in adverse situation even if one or the other party does not participate in it, he said that there are such examples in other countries of the world as well.

Blaming the CPN-Maoist of raising unnecessary issues in the name of talks so as not to participate in the election, Mahat expressed the view that popularity of the party would only be known from the election.

The NC central member said there was a possibility of the country┬┤s disintegration if federalism on the basis of ethnicity was adopted, and added that now the country has not become economically capable for the same.