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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Kathmandu, 14 Aug.:Talks between HJLP< and CPN Maoist were
positive but inconclusive, UML’ Raghuji Pant said Wednesday.
“Talks were positive note without reaching any conclusion.
m” he  said.
Agreement was reached to meet again.

Kathmandu, 14 Aug.: UCPN-Maoist leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai has argued that Nepal could not adopt federalism based on single ethnic identity in view of the geography and ethnic settlements of the country and of neighbouring countries China
and India, RSS reports from Itahari.

At an interaction on 'Identity on Federalism: Your Questions, UCPN-Maoist's Response', organised by the Revolutionary Journalists' Association, Susnari, at Itahari on Wednesday, former prime minister and Bhattarai said time had come to compulsorily amend the issue of federalism based on single ethnic identity that the party had raised earlier.

"Although the aspiration for the adoption of independent federal state system with the end of centralised system has been developed, it would be disastrous to Nepal if it adopted the Russian model of federalism," he said. He also added that although China got success in some provinces on ethnic majority in its northern belt, the ethnicities and lingual communities in minority were suffering discrimination. So, time has come to adopt special measure to federalise Nepal, he added.

Moreover, he said although the UCPN-Maoist initially advocated for single identity-based federalism in course of raising the political agenda, but it is time to change the political agenda as per the need of time. "For Nepal's holistic development, a different kind of federalism should be adopted," he stressed.

Reminding that Nepal is a home of diverse ethnic and lingual communities with different cultures, leader Bhattarai said in the places lacking the stronghold of any ethnicity, a special model of federalism for the equal development and economic prosperity of all ethnicities and lingual communities was essential.

However, he accused the Nepali Congress and CPN-UML of lacking even an ABC of federalism.

Dr Bhattarai's views have shown a U-turn in his party's stand on federalism. The UCPN-Maoist had long been advocating for single-ethnicity-based federalism, which then opposition parties- Nepali Congress and CPN-UML has dubbed the main reason behind the unceremonious death of the Constituent Assembly in 2013.

Kathmandu, 14 Aug.:  Thousands of years old archaeological artefacts have been found in Dewalhat, located in the south of Baitadi district headquarters, RSS reports from Baitadi..

Dozens of utensils of gold, silver, copper, iron, bronze metals and earthenware were found while renovating a Dewal (temple) built in ancient times.

Various items of various shapes and sizes, three large swords, idols and some paddy in some utensils have been found in Dewalhat. The place is linked with the history of the Puranic stories of the Pandavas-Kauravas battle of the Mahabharata some 5,000 years ago.

After the objects were found in the second floor of one of the seven temples in Dewalhat, they are kept safely by creating an affidavit at the presence of District Administration Office, said a local Ishwori Dutta Bhatta.

According to Puranic legends, the Pandavas stayed there a night during the war, and built seven temples in the same night, said Bhatta.

"I had heard from my forefathers that it was a sacred site when Pandavas lived for a night, and I now believe that they were right from the large swords and various utensils found here," he said.

They were found while renovating the temples in cooperation with the Department of Archaeology as they were in dilapidated conditions.

Another local Mahadev Bhatta said they were found mysteriously in dozens. “As they were found inside the Dewals built by Pandavas, we suppose that the items inside them might be of the same period,” said Bhatta.

Locals say that history of 5,000 years can be traced if the Archaeological Department researches on the items. As there is rice in the objects, strange truths can be discovered if the rice in it is studied, they say.

The items have been put in exhibition by organising a Maha Shivapuran Mahayagya by the local Shiva Shankar Youth Club after the archaeological items were found.

Devotees from various places are now thronging to see the objects. The club organised the Mahayagya wishing for world peace and to publicise the items. The number of pilgrims from various places to Dewalhat is increasing, said another local Ganesh Bhandari.

Hindu devotees believe that their wishes will be fulfilled after worship at Dewalhat, a sacred site. A large fair takes place there in the festivals of Gaura and Shivaratri.

Among the dilapidated Dewals, the Department of Archaeology has been renovating one each year for the past three years.,