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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Koirala comes under fire in party meeting

Kathmandu, 24 April: Congress also lost the 10 April constituent assembly election to Maoists because the vote want’s fair and fair even with a government led by the party.
The party district committees said there were dictatorial tendencies in the party of Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala.
The district committees recommended Congress shouldn’t join a government led by Maoists.
The party, if it joins government led by Maoists will ‘only be a helpless shadow of Maoists’ Arjun Narshin KC, who is party spokesman said.
KC lost to a Maoist woman candidate from Nuwakot.
The stormy first meeting was adjourned until Monday.
Nineteen Congress leaders, including former speaker Taranath Ranabhatt, called for a meeting of party general convention to elect a new party leadership charging the party had deviated from its traditional policy.
Most leaders pushed monarchy before the vote.

US Ambassador attends meet addressed by Maoists

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 24 April: US Ambassador Nancy J. Powell Thursday attended a UN-sponsored meeting of donors addressed by Maoist Chairman Prachanda.
She just listened to speakers, including the Maoist chairman, for two hours as the Maoist chief appealed for international assistance for a Maoist-led government Prachanda is expected to lead as prime minister not president.
There was no direct meeting between Powell and Prachanda.
Prachanda hoped Washington would review its Nepal policy; Maoists are still on the US terrorist list.
US State Department spokesman said this week he wasn’t aware of any review of US Nepal policy obviously replying to a statement by Speaker Subash Newang quoting Powell as saying at a meeting with him US would finance a Maoist government and lift the terrorist tag.
Judging from the Washington statement, Newang was speaking for himself airing his expectations and not what the US ambassador said.
There could have been a communication gap in a conversation conducted in English.
Prachanda Thursday attempted to collect international support for a government led by CPN (Maoist).
Maoist Chairman talked on peace, new constitution, relation with army and the new government and asked donors to remove any doubts they had on Maoists.
Prachanda said monarchy must go following the election result.


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