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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Madhav Kumar Nepal’s resignation accepted; Sushil Koirala continues
By Bhola B Rana
Kathmandu, 27 April: Madhav Kumar Nepal refused to withdraw his resignation as CPN-UML general secretary tendered after the party’s humiliating defeat in Assembly elections 10 April when the central committee met Sunday to assess future strategy.
He lost to young Maoists in two constituencies in the capital and Rautahat.
Amrit Kumar Bohara has been appointed acting party chief to replace Nepal who quit after leading the party for 15 years.
Nepal replaced Madan Bhandari who died in a vehicular accident.
Party colleagues praised Nepal for what they called his democratic attitude.
Maoists have overtaken CPN-UML as the mainstream communist party in Nepal after adopting open politics in 1990 when a ban on political parties was banned.
The main challenge for the CPN-UML now is to
The main challenge for the party is first to analyze the reasons for the shock defeat and reorganize.
But Sushil Koirala will continue to by the acting president of the Nepali Congress after his defeat at the hands of a retired civil servant who challenged Koirala who resigned after his loss from Banke.
Prime Minister and party president Girija Prasad Koirala didn’t accept his cousin’s resignation saying Sushil’s services were needed for the country and party at difficult times.

Turbulent days ahead in Nepali politics

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 27 April: Turbulent days are ahead with the Nepali Congress determined not to hand over the reigns of government to CPN (Maoist)—the largest party in a hung constituent assembly following the 10 April CA elections.
“Nepali Congress is still dreaming to lead a government and it isn’t acceptable,” CPN (Maoist) second- in-command told a rally in his home district Gorkha Sunday.
“Only Maoists have a mandate to lead a government following election result,” said Maoist Minister Deb Gurung after returning from New York where he attended a UN conference.
Congress leader Gopal Man Shrestha Sunday challenged to oust Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala constitutionally requiring a two-third vote in the present interimparliament—an impossibility.
Rival parties are afraid if power is delivered to Maoists they won’t leave government until parliamentary elections in 30 months—the minimum time allotted to draft a new constitution.
Two-third majority will be required to dislodge Maoists—another impossibility.
The solution.
Maoist rival parties are now demanding a fourth amendment in the constitution to incorporate a provision to dislodge a government through simple majority.
But seven parties included the two-third provision to appoint and dislodge a government to suit their interests never expecting the emergence of three regional parties and the ouster of three of seven parties from the seven-party alliance that dislodged King Gyanendra in April 2006.
Where in the world is there a basic law to suit rulers only—a law which has been amended thrice to suit the interests of rulers when they face difficulties.
Major parties—Maoists, Forum and CPN-UML- Sunday discussed a political impasse to break a deadlock by amending the constitution.
Maoists have claimed a stake to form a government as the biggest party in the 601-member assembly after a hung parliament winning 220 seats—100 more seats that Congress –the second party in the CA.
MJF is also demanding amendment in the interim constitution that says a government of consensus of seven parties must run administration after elections.
Government isn’t likely to be formed before one month at the least.
"Only four of those parties now exist," MJF leader B P Yadav told Radio Nepal, "The seven-party chariot led by Koirala has already fallen apart."

Nepal, Bahrain signing labour agreement
Kathmandu, 27 April: Nepal and Bahrain are signing a labour agreement this week.
Bahrain’s labour minister is arriving Monday to sign the agreement.
The Gulf is a major destination of Nepali labourers.


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