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Saturday, May 17, 2008

CPN-UML central committee meets again

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 18 May: CPN-UML 19th central committee began Sunday to discuss party reorganization is consolidate it after a debacle in the 10 April CA election, party mouthpiece Chalphal reports.
The party is being reorganized for parliamentary elections expected two years later after a CA drafts a constitution within that time.
Jhalanath Khanal, who was appointed General Secretary last Thursday, will present a political report and a work plan for reorganization.
The meeting will also allocate responsibilities to top leaders; Madhav Kumar Nepal is expected to head the party’s foreign department from Khanal.
The committee will also determine date and venue of the party ‘s eight general convention to be held sometime in autumn this year.

Ananda Debi surfaces

Kathmandu, 18 May: Chairperson of NSP Ananda Debi surfaced in Patna, Bihar, Saturday.
She had gone missing two months ago with one party accusing Supply Minister Shyam Sundar Gupta for her abduction.
Debi said she will return to the capital in another 15 days after completing medical treatment.
She said she arrived in Patna assisted by nephew Jaswant Singh for medical treatment.
Debi denied she was abducted by Minister Gupta.

UNMIN prepares to leave

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 18 May: Conformation has come from the highest UN source UNMIN is preparing to leave Nepal two years after an invite from the government and Maoists.
Maoist Chairman Prachanda, preparing to form a post-election government, said the tenure won’t be extended after it is completed in the third week of July and India, Nepal’s southern neighbour, says the mandate shouldn’t be extended either.
But a senior US diplomat said UNMIN services are still needed.
India, Nepal’s traditional arms supplier, does not want any UN involvement in any possible future arrangement to amalgamate the Maoist PLA and the Nepal Army.
India has also offered to train nearly 12,000 former combatants for alternative job opportunities for which a seven million US dollar grant has already been negotiated and finalized.
“Vacancies are not being filled and all substantive staff contracts will terminate by 23 July, leaving only administrative personnel that would be gradually phased out from August to December 2008," Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said Friday presenting a third quarter report on Nepal.
“But the UN stands ready to provide continuing support for completion and consolidation of the peace process and for the long-term development of Nepal,” he said in consultation with the post-election government.

UNMIN drawn into controversy

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 18 May: UNMIN has been drawn into a controversy after Maoists abducted businessman Ram Kazi Shrestha from the capital to a cantonment under UN supervision and killed him after torture.
‘The incident is additional proof UNMIN was busy elsewhere although its responsibility was the management of state Nepal Army and the Red Army,” Janamanch reports under a headline ‘UNMIN in Ram Hari’s murder!’
The newspaper demanded an investigation and an explanation from UNMIN for murder within the cantonment under its supervision.
The murder of Ram Hari Shrestha ‘ confirms the level of the effectiveness of UNMIN’ in Nepal’s peace process, Deshantar reports in a write-up entitled: :What was UNMIN looking at?
“Why and how was an ordinary civilian abducted to a military camp under UNMIN supervision? Why wasn’t UNMIN in the dark? These and many other questions have cropped up,” the newspaper asks.
The newspaper charged while UNMIN contained the Nepal Army in the barracks it had no control over the movements of Maoists in and out of cantonments under UNMIN supervision.
‘UNMIN has to come out with a clear statement. The division commander of the cantonment came out of the camp and lived openly outside. UNMIN should have kept a watch.” Deshantar said.

Koirala won’t resign

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 18 May: Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala gave another firm indication Saturday he won’t quit when he said he will continue to lead the government until a new constitution is drafted.
“My responsibility won’t be completed until a new constitution is drafted; I’ll fulfill my responsibility,” Koirala said.
Koirala, who said he would quit politics after the 10 April, renegaded on his promise immediately after the Congress reverse in the historic election.
He called on Maoists to develop a coalition culture.
“No party has a majority now. That’s why we have to develop a coalition culture,” he advised.
Prachanda demanded immediate resignation from Koirala to pave the way for a Maoist-led government.
“Danger of counterrevolution hasn’t evaporated,” the Maoist warned accusing Congress of helping ‘counterrevolutionaries’ by clinging to power after the election result.
Prachanda said people will be mobilized for three days from Friday to force government’s resignation.
CA assembles Friday.


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