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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Doctors divide revenue collection at Teku hospital

Kathmandu, 24 May: Four doctors, including the director of Sukraraj Tropical Hospital, Teku, divided amongst themselves revenue collected from persons who had applied to go South Korea for employment, Naya Patrika reports.
Money was collected for their health tests.
The money should have been deposited in the hospital’s development fund.
According to the board decision, Director Dr Mahendra Bahadur Bista collected 14 percent of the fees collected while Drs Arjun Ran Pant, Debi Prasad and BasudevPandey took 12 percent of the collection each.
Director collected Rs 224,000.

Maoist military leader suspended
By Bhola B Rana
Kathmandu, 24 May: Maoists have suspended military leader Kali Bahadur Khan Magar ‘Bibid’ the Chitwan Third Division Company Commander to hemp internal investigation of the murder of a business murdered inside the facility under constant observation of UNMIN.
Maoists took the action to try and contain a crisis as it prepares to form a government following victory in CA election.
Protests have swelled after businessman Ram Shrestha was abducted to the cantonment in Chitwan from the capital tortured and killed.
UNMIN Chief Ian Martin tried to negate growing criticism of UNMIN for failure to contain criminal activities inside the cantonments and camps.
"There have been some suggestions that in some way it points to a weakness in UNMIN’s monitoring role at the cantonments, but that really is without foundation," The Kathmandu Post quoted Martin as saying from New York.
"We have a 24-hour surveillance of the weapons storage areas in the cantonments, but we are neither mandated nor resourced to supervise the personnel of the cantonments—around 20,000 of them in 28 sites—in addition to the Nepal Army installations."

Koirala asks Maoists to form govt.
By Bhola B Rana
Kathmandu, 24 May: Girija Prasad Koirala, as the head of state and not prime minister, Saturday asked Maoists to form a government as the largest party in CA.
“The ball is now in the Maoist Court,” Congress leader Bimalendra Prasad Nidhi said.
Koirala asked Maoists to form a government at a summit of three parties Saturday—Congress, CPN-UML and Maoists.
“Maoists have two options to form a government through consensus or gather a two-thirds majority to form a government,” Nidhi said.
No party is parliament is in a position to form a post-election government fulfilling these two conditions ensuring the continuity of the Koirala government before the CA meets Wednesday.
Prime Minister Koirala is refusing to give in to Maoist demands to resign as a head of a ‘caretaker government’ to make way for a CPN (Maoist) government.
Congress is also demanding the appointment of a ‘ceremonial president’ following the declaration of a republic Wednesday.
Maoists are opposing power-sharing by a president and prime minister and want to continue the present status quo.
But four other parties, Congress, CPN-UML, MJF, TMLP and NSP- Mahoto- are demanding a ‘package’ solution to break the deadlock.
MJF, TMLP and NSP has also demanded the incorporation of the One Mdesh, One Pradesh regional demand in the constitution before discussions on drafting the constitution begin.
As New Delhi increases its intervention in Nepal’s internal politics, Indian Ambassador Rakesh Sood told reporters in Pokhara Saturday Maoists should be allowed to form a government.
There’s basically no change after Koirala asked Maoists to form a government Saturday.

Swiss, Spanish killed on Everest, Annapurna
Kathmandu, 24 May: Swiss and Spanish climbers have been killed on Everest and Annapurna this spring.
Swiss climber Uwe Gianni Goltz, 44, died while attempting to scale Mount Everest Friday, the Ministry of Tourism said.
Twenty-two more climbers stepped on top of the world Friday.
Spanish climber Ignacio Ochoa de Olza ‘Inaki’, 40, died on the 8091 meters high Annapurna, the ministry confirmed.
He has climbed 12 of the world’s 14 eight thousand meter high peaks.

US explorer Ian Baker put on wanted list
Kathmandu, 24 May: Nepal has put US writer and explorer Ian Baker, living in Nepal for nearly 24 years, on its wanted list.
Police recovered body parts of endangered species and artifacts from two homes in the capital following raids Friday.
Baker was a contributor to Newsweek and National Geographic.
Rajesh Maharjan, lessor of Baker who have gone missing, has been arrested.


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