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Monday, May 26, 2008

King won’t accept light-hearted republic declaration

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 27 May: The King won’t accept without ‘firm accusation and charges’ a ‘light-hearted declaration of a republic’ if it’s declared Wednesday by the first meeting of the CA Wednesday.
The King won’t vacate the Narayanhiti Royal Palace, Puranjagaran reported Tuesday quoting an unnamed palace source.
Published reports said the King returned to the palace Monday after a retreat at Nagarjung where is returning back this week.
The ‘clear verdict of the people hasn’t come through a referendum’, the newspaper said adding the historic institution of monarchy unified and established the nation.
The newspaper said “election was held only for a CA and the declaration of a republic through the election without involving the King’ is both ‘undemocratic, unilateral and unjust’, newspaper quoting the unnamed source said.
“The King won’t go for a confrontation but won’t accept an unjust decision” the newspaper said and added the palace has ‘concluded the statements of politicians against monarchy is turning people’s sympathy in favour of monarchy’.

Another three-party meet to try for a consensus

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 27 May: Congress, CPN-UML and Maoists began discussions for the second consecutive day Tuesday to try to end a deadlock of government one day before the CA meets to declare a republic.
Elected members of the assembly are scheduled to Tuesday afternoon to take their oaths of office in the afternoon.
Government is yet to appoint 26 members.
Agreement couldn’t be reached Monday even after three rounds of discussions.
Congress and CPN-UML rejected a nine-point proposal of Maoists who proposed the present arrangement of the prime minister as officiating head of state should be continued until a new constitution is drafted in another two years.
Congress and CPN-UML proposed appointing a ceremonial president in a republican after agreement to declare a republic Wednesday.
Maoists proposed converting the YCL into a political organization in a vague proposal.

Community schools closed down for two weeks.

Kathmandu, 27 May: In an unprecedented move, government ordered the closure of all community schools from Tuesday until 10 June.
The government took the extreme step to close down schools to quell nation-wide protests after failure to make textbooks available after schools reopened following announcement of SLC results.
The Education Ministry is without a minister after CPN-UML withdrew from government following its dismal performance in the 10 April CA election.


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