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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Full Indian support for beleaguered Prachanda: DP Tripathi

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 31 Dec: A top visiting Indian leader said PM Prachanda has the full support of India after talks with leaders including the prime minister, leaders of other ruling parties and main opposition Nepali Congress.
India has
“After talking with leaders, something is going to happen in Nepal. Leaders are concerned and they are agreed there’s no alternative to political consensus,” DP Tripathi, General Secretary of Indian Nationalist Congress told Ghatana ra Bichar Wednesday.
Tripathi said called for ‘national understanding’ for drafting a constitution and to make a peace process a success.
“Prachandaji has the full support and good wishes of India. Let the campaign for Nepal’s prosperity, peace and reconstruction under his leadership succeed,” the Indian leader who arrived Saturday to review the political situation in Nepal said.” India has helped in the peace process and will continue to help in the future.”
He added: “The peace process should end under Prachanda’s leadership. Nepali people have given Chairman Prachanda a thumping majority. Let the constitution be drafted under his leadership.”
Triupathi lent support to Prachanada and his government amid reports New Delhi is unhappy with the government for close forging close ties with China.
“This government won’t and shouldn’t fall,” he added.

Nepal Army spokesman asks why UNMIN was silent before

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 31 Dec: Nepal Army Spokesman Brig Gen Rahindra Chetri asked why UNMIN was silent when Nepal Army recruited soldiers to fill vacancies before objecting to it now.
Chetri said recruitments were carried out before without objection after signing of a peace agreement between then government and Maoists.
“We also don’t know. Why were objections raised when the previous year’s process was continues?” the general said in reply to a question: But Ian Martin has raised objections.
Budhabar published the interview Wednesday.
“It won’t stop,” Chetri said vowing recruitment to fill 2,800 vacancies will go on.
The army has decided to continue with recruitment disregarding a government directive.
“We started the process after a government decision, within the constitution and law.”
He denied the peace agreement had been violated.
“We have filled in vacancies twice after the peace agreement.
“We haven’t recruited for new positions. Vacancies have been filled through an internal process. We can’t recruit even one recruit above the ceiling fixed by government.
“Army strength hasn’t been increased,” the spokesman said.
He denied a controversy between government and Nepal Army.
“We’ve accepted the constitution, government rules and law.”


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