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Monday, December 29, 2008

More details on Congress decision to topple Maoist-led govt. (BREAKING NEWS)

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 30 Dec: Main opposition Nepali Congress Tuesday decided to topple the four-month Maoist-led government by splitting the ruling coalition and as army opposed and defied PM Prachanda’s call on Nepal Army to stop recruitment to fill in vacancies.
Army says filling in vacancies is not army expansion; Maoists have threatened to expand PLA whose 19,000 combatants are already in UMNIN camps with weapons.
Nepali Congress and influential CPN-UML leader KP Shama Oli said Prachanda’s directive to Nepal Army is blatant intervention in the state force.
Maoist coalition partners CPN-UML and a divided Forum are dissatisfied with Maoists.
Fifth largest party in CA—TMLP—has already demanded the dissolution of government.
Congress will now be satisfied only with the fall of the Maoist-led government after deciding to continue with its non-cooperation movement and another decision to form a ‘democratic front’ against government.
Maoists are the largest party in the 601-member CA and an alternate government will be as unstable.
The peace process and drafting of the constitution will be adversely affected.
Maoist leaders have charged unnamed foreign powers for trying to topple the government.


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