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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

541 killed in 2008 Nepal violence; other details

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 19 Feb: Altogether 541 were killed in continuing violence in Nepal in 2008 of which state was responsible for 50 killings, 729 others were abducted and 1,017 citizens were injured, an annual report released by INSEC said.
The highest number of violence was reported from 20 terai districts in east and central terai where 383 persons were killed and 477 others were abducted.
Maoists and YCL were responsible for one dozen killings.
The south is affected and insurgency and separatist movement.
Chairman of National Human Rights commission Kedarnath Upadhaya said,” Withdrawal of cases on the pretext of political and impunity are two faces of the same coin. Withdrawal of cases encourages impunity.”
A dialogue team member of United Janatantrik Terai Morcha and central committee member was shot and injured in Rautahat Wednesday.
Sheikh Gulam Sarbar survived an assassination attempt.
There’s been no headway in government, separate rebel group talks.

Nepal. China ties won’t affect relations with India

Kathmandu, 19 Feb: Indian Foreign Secretary Shib Shanker
Menon said Sino-Nepal won’t adversely affect the Himalayan state’s relations with New Delhi.
“Nepal is an independent state. It can have relations with any neighbouring country. We also have relations relations with others,” Menon said before emplaning for New Delhi after a two-day visit.
Nepal’s relations with China won’t have any affect Indo-Nepal relations, he said.
Menon said this amid Indian main opposition BJP concerns of growing Chinese influence after Maoists were swept to power.
Such concerns have in the past been made even by ruling circles in India as well.
Menon this time publicly minimized the concerns.
“Nepal’s relations with third countries were outside the ambit of our bilateral ties. India will not interfere in Nepal’s internal matters,” Menon told reporters.

Ambassador to India sacked

Kathmandu, 19 Feb: Ambassador to India Dr Durgesh Man Singh has been relieved of his responsibilities, Annapurna Post reports.
He has been relieved for leaving his post to return home without informing the foreign ministry,
Acting Secretary Pradumna Bikran Shah sent a letter to the embassy Wednesday.
Indian government has been informed Kushnath Shrestha is officiating ambassador.

[Singh’s ailing mother died.]

45MW electricity being imported from India from Friday

Kathmandu, 19 Feb: Altogether 45MW electricity of being imported from Kataiya, Bihar, from Friday by repairing five transmission poles damaged by flooded Kosi river six months ago, Annapurna Post reports.
The poles have been repaired.
Nepal is facing an acute power shortage as people suffer a crippling 16-hour daily load-shedding.

President alerts constitutional council to abide by the constitution

Kathmandu, 19 Feb: President Dr Ram Baran Yadav, through a letter, has alerted the constitutional council headed by Prime Minister Prachanda to abide by the constitution, Annapurna Post reports.
The main opposition Nepali Congress is also represented in the council.
This is the first time the president issued such an alert.
The president alerted the council 50 percent of nominees of to Public Service Commission should be retired civil servants.
Only one of four recent nominees was a civil servant.


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