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Monday, February 16, 2009

PM Prachanda calls for a communist center at CPN-UML general

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 16 Feb: Maoist Prime Minister Prachanda Monday asked CPN-UML ‘not to be used” by ‘counter-revolutionary and regressive forces’ to invite ‘regression’.
Prachanda made the call at the 8th general convention of the CPN-UML general convention which has joined the main opposition Nepali Congress in demanding a parliament session to discuss ordinance-rule; a no-confidence motion against the six-month Maoist-led government could be introduced at the session after the six-day convention.
Maoists feel threatened by the convening of parliament.
Prachanda told the convention delegates and Nepal’s major political parties CPN-UML holds an ‘important position’ while calling for a communist center, short of calling for a unified communist parties.
Prachanda said communists have waged successful revolutions in Nepal but failed to government the country effectively.
Prachanda hinted the six-month government could fall without CPN-UML support.
Prachanda said communists and supporters have two-third majority in the 601-member parliament to approve a constitution.
Prachanda said this even as main opposition leder Girija Prasad Koirala said a ‘politics and unity, understanding and consensus has begun’ from BUtwal where the convention is being held.
Prachanda asked Koirala to implement it in his ‘working-style’.

Indian Foreign Secretary Shiba Shanker Menon arrives Tuesday

Kathmandu, 16 Feb: Indian Foreign Secretary Shiba Shanker Menon arrives Tuesday for a sudden unscheduled visit, diplomatic sources said.
He arrives amid increased Chinese military activities in Nepal and when his Nepali counterpart is away in China for an annual bilateral meeting of foreign secretaries beginning Tuesday.
Menon comes immediately after the visit of US Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher.
India and USA held consultations on Nepal after the Boucher visit; Boucher was the first official of the Obama administration to visit Nepal.
Washington and New Delhi are coordinating their Nepal policy through consultations.


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