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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lighting kills two in Parasi, 14 injured; other details

Kathmandu, 30 Sept: Lighting killed two persons in Parasi overnight.
Fourteen were also injured, police said.
Four persons were killed overnight in Bara in a bomb explosion.
Two brothers were also killed when a bomb one of them was carrying exploded accidentally.
Family members were returning from a fair when the bomb exploded following a dispute between the brothers.

More details of church collapse

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 30 Sept: A temporary three-storied bamboo dormitory collapsed when it could not take on the weight of 1,500 Christians gathered overnight in Dharan, east Nepal, as they slept after a meeting, survivors said.
Most of the dead are women and children who are receiving treatment at a overcrowded hospital in corridors.
Thirty-two of the 60 plus injured have returned home after treatment,
Home Minister Bhim Rawal flew to Dharan Wednesday to offer condolences and held relief efforts.
Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal expressed condolences through a message.

Maoists form talks team under Baburam Bhattarai

Kathmandu, 30 Sept: Maoists Wednesday formed a five-member talks team under first vice-chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai to find an outlet to a political stalemate.
The team was formed after a meeting of central party leaders at the residence of Chairman Prachanda Wednesday.
Three major parties are holding another summit Wednesday to find an outlet to the four-month political stalemate amid Maoist threat to launch a third political decisive popular movement.
The summit of leaders of Nepali Congress, Maoists and CPN-UML is being held as dasain celebrations peak.
CPN-UML has formed a talks team headed by Bharat Mohan Adhikari.
UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal Wednesday suggested a common acceptable censure motion against president to break the dead-lock.

Four of 13 escaped prisoners arrested

Kathmandu, 30 Sept: Four of 13 prisoners who escaped from a Kanchanpur prison with the help of prison authorities have been arrested.
They also escaped with weapons seized from police guards.
Seven persons who allegedly helped the prisoners, including jailer and security chief, have been suspended.
A three-member team headed by home ministry official Shanker Koirala is investing the escape.

Nepal takes over leadership of the least developed countries

Kathmandu, 30 Sept: Nepal Wednesday took over the leadership of the 49-member least developed nations from Bangladesh in New York for the next three years.
Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala will chair the group.
The group mainly has countries from Asia, Africa and South America as members.


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