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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Maoists declare 13 autonomous regions

Kathmandu, 26 Nov: Maoists Thursday decided to declare 13 autonomous regions even as there’s no agreement with other parties on a new state structure.
Vice-president Dr Baburam Bhattarai said this after a joint meeting of party fraternal organizations.
Maoists had withdrawn the declared declaration at the beginning of their second round of anti-government protests now in the third phase.
Protests continue after Maoists allowed the budget to be approved after a the debate that concluded Wednesday.
“Nobody will submit power to you if you don’t have parliamentary majority,” Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal told Maoists in a hard-hitting speech at a public meet in the terai.
Maoists are demanding a national government under their leadership to break a political impasse,

DPM Gachedhar greeted with black flags at Gadimai temple

Kathmandu, 26 Nov: Bara residents Thursday greeted Deputy Prime Minister Bijaya Gachedhar with black flags when he went to Gadimai temple in the district Thursday to offer worship and prayers.
Demonstrators were protesting the assault on CDO Durga Bhandari by State Minister Karima Beagum of his party for protecting her amid demands for action.
Thousands of animals and birds are offered at the temple every five years to fulfill wishes.
The festival attended by Indian and Nepali Hindu devotees ended Wednesday.
It’s said the sacrifices are the world’s largest.

Youth abducted, killed in Mohottari

Kathmandu, 26 Nov: The body of Ram Bahadur Sahani.25, was found in a field in Mohottari Thursday after he was abducted Tuesday from his home and shot dead by unknown abductors.
The body was riddled with bullets and scars.


“If consistency is visible in UML, it is surely in the sturdiness of the shield Defence Minister Bidya Bhandari has provided to the army.”

(Maila Baje, People’s Review, 26 Nov.)


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