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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Three parties agree on a common parliamentary resolution

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 18 Nov: Three parties agreed to activate a three-member task force to end a political stalemate ahead of a Maoist threat to launch fresh round of anti-government protests if their demands aren’t met.
The parties agreed to a common parliamentary resolution to end the deadlock Wednesday.
“There was an agreement to end the political stalemate,” Maoist Vice-chairman Narayan Kazi Shrestha said after the meeting.
Three parties are attempting to draft an unanimous resolution without involving the ceremonial president who Maoists say acted unconstitutionally to retain ousted Army Chief Gen Rukmangad Katawal.
The resolution will be presented at a summit of three parties Thursday for approval.
Three parties agreed to meet again Thursday to end a political deadlock.
Leaders hoped the common resolution will end a deadlock and budget will be passed.
Prachanda didn’t attend the meet.
The Maoist chairman hinted at a change in government soon.
“Unnatural play will end. I have confidence the coalition will end,” the chairman told reporters after returning to the capital from Singapore where he held political discussions with ailing Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala..
Maoists obstructed parliament proceedings Wednesday as well.
Even as controversial Indian academician S.D. Muni claimed he didn’t facilitate a meeting between Prachanda and Koirala, he held discussions with Koirala and the Maoist chairman in Singapore where he is attached to a university.
Muni has direct access to Baluwatar when Girija was prime minister and brokered a peace agreement between Maoists and parliamentary parties on behalf of the Indian government.

CA approval for rescheduling

Kathmandu, 18 Nov. The constituent assembly (CA) Wednesday unanimously approved a proposal of Chairman Subash Nemwang to
submit proposals for a draft constitution by 15 December.
Eleven subject committees should have submitted their recommendations Sunday.
The schedule was changed for the seventh time.

Cabinet approved treatment expense for Girija although he has financial resources

Kathmandu, 18 Nov: The cabinet Wednesday appointed Ain Bahadur Rana chief of National Investigation Department.
The cabinet also decided to meet the entire medical expense of Girija Prasad Koirala.
Sick party leaders get free treatment at government expense although they have the money for treatment.
The leaders of ruling parties criticized King Gyanendra when money was sanctioned by government for cancer patient Helen Shan, aunt of the monarch, during royal rule.
Earlier government also met the medical expense of Acting Nepali Congress President Sunsil Koirala for throat cancer.


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