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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two more swine flu cases detected in Pokhara

Kathmandu, 19 Nov: Two more swine flu cases were reported Wednesday in Pokhara where 17 cases have now been confirmed.
More than 66 cases of the disease have been detected in the capital, Chitwan, Pokhara and Parbat.

First phase of discharge completed

Kathmandu, 19 Nov: The first phase of the discharge and rehabilitation of disqualified Maoist combatants was completed Wednesday but uncertainty persists over the commencement of the second phase, Republica reports.
Marking an important step in the ongoing peace process, the discharge and rehabilitation of the disqualified—minors and late recruits—began October 11 from the second division Maoist cantonment in Dudhauli, Sindhuli. Discharge and rehabilitation of the disqualified is part of the ongoing peace process which enters its fourth year on Sunday.
… of the 4,000 combatants disqualified by UNMIN, the second phase of the process scheduled to commence November 22 has remained uncertain due to Maoist reservations over the questionnaire needed to begin that phase. Among the disqualified 2,973 are minors.

China asks for return of Tibetans

Kathmandu, 19 Nov: Police officials here say they are under tremendous pressure from Chinese authorities to hand over the Tibetans who sneak into Nepal through Khasa, The Kathmandu Post reports from Sindhupalchok.
According to Kodari Immigration office, over 100 Tibetans entered Nepal via his point within two months.
A source at the office said Nepali authorities do not want to hand over Tibetans who cross into Nepal fearing that these people might face tough punishment back home.
On Monday, 19 Tibetans, including seven children, entered Nepal.
With Chinese police pressing for their handover, police hid the asylum-seekers at a house before sending them to Kathmandu at night.
A police officer said police hid the 19 Tibetans on humanitarian grounds.


“Had gone to Singapore to show my palm. Muni said the next government is ours. Only this much for now.”

(Chairman Prachanda in Nagarik cartoon, 19 Nov.)

“Three parties have always taken decisions forcefully.”

(TMLF Chairman Mahanta Thakur, The Himalayan Times, 19 Nov.)

“Chitwan should be the state’s capital for geographic, political, cultural, economic and other reasons.”

(Maoist General Secretary Badal, Janadisha, 19 Nov.)

“I slapped his [Parsa CDO] him as he disobeyed and dishonoured me,”

(Agriculture Stat Minister Karima Begum, The Himalayan Times, 19 Nov.)


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