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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More details of Maoist threat; India unlikely to be deterred

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 22 Dec.: Chairman told a public rally ion the capital Tuesday a moth-long campaign from Friday will be a national awareness and an exposure campaign to expose foreign agents.
The main opposition chief threatened an indefinite strike if demands aren’t met by 24 January.
“Demands can’t be met by Congress and UML. We are ready for discussions with New Delhi,” he told a cheering crowd.
He called for negotiations with India even while opposing foreign interference invited by all major political parties in Nepal, including Maoists.
There was no immediate official reaction from New Delhi.
Prachanda said he was ready to talk with ‘lords’ reminiscent’ of his rejection to talk with the government under royal rule in 2005.
New Delhi, thwarted such possibility and invited Maoists and parliamentary parties to agree to a peace agreement in New Delhi,.
India is unlikely to be cowed down with the Maoist threat.
It is squarely behind parties opposed to Maoists when the king is no longer there.
New Delhi has already decided to resume military supplies to Nepal Army suspended during royal rule five years ago.
An angry Prachanda referring to the Indian Army chief Kapoor called him a ‘governor’ for intervening in Nepal’s internal affairs while saying India will resume arms suspended arms supplies.
One thing is certain.
A constitution to replace an interim basic law drafted by an unelected and self-appointed parliament won’t be promulgated in the next five months.
The deadline is 28 May 2010.
No discussions are being held on the constitution; street politics prevails.
Nepal is now paying for politics of treachery and inviting foreign interference.
The present parties asked the king to act ‘politically’ to restore a dead parliament which then overthrew him.


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