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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Task force to ‘democratize’ army

Kathmandu, 24 Dec.: A five-member ministerial task force to ‘democratize’ Nepal Army (NA) was formed Thursday by the cabinet—whatever the vague term means.
The task force in headed by Defence Minister Bidya Bhandari.
The ‘democratization’ of NA is mentioned the comprehensive peace agreement between seven parties and Maoists.
Maoists have interpreted democratization as reduction of the strength of the state force currently at around 90,000.
Some donors have said democratization is reorganization.

Election in main constitution drafting committee

Kathmandu, 24 Dec.: Election will be held Friday in the 63-member main constitution drafting committee to decide on articles to be incorporated in a concept paper for a draft constitution.
Chairman Nilambar Acharya made the announcement Thursday after members couldn’t agree n he name of the constitution, flag and other subjects.
Political parties agreed to a vote without unanimity between political parties,

Govt. withdrawn charges against Rishi Dhamala

Kathmandu, 24 Dec.: The cabinet Thursday withdrew charges against Chairman of Reporters’ Club Rishi Dhamala for involvement in a bombing case in the capital for extortion.
A court earlier protested the government move with a case pending against him for involvement in terrorist activities.
The government has defied a court order.
The government first withdrew the case against Dhamala to include him in Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal’s entourage to the UN in September.

Prachanda demands government statement on Indian army chief statement

Kathmandu, 24 Dec.: Chairman Prachanda demanded a government statement on the statement by Indian Army Chief Dipak Kapoor India was ready to resume arms supplies to Nepal if requested through government.
He made the demand during an unobstructed session of parliament Thursday.
The Maoist chief threatened new protests without an official statement.

Maoist politburo meet

Kathmandu, 24 Dec.: Maoist politburo will meet for two days in the capital from 27 December.
The central committee will meet 30 December.
A standing committee took the decision Thursday.
The meetings are being held in the midst a fourth phase of national awareness and exposure campaign against the government and the president.

Details of Prachanda turnaround

Kathmandu, 24 Dec.: Chairman Prachanda has charged his tune in 24 hours saying his call for talks with India to address Maoist demands was just a political satire.
“It’s only my political satire they [ruling parties] that clearly moving on directions of India and Delhi. It was a political attack. Secondly, there’s also a problem with Delhi. That’s why I said there should be talks with Delhi also.
“Mine is a political spirit; parties should stop looking towards New Delhi. My main intention was to say parties shouldn’t be a robot,” the main chief told Rabindra Mishra of BBC Nepali service Wednesday.
Excerpts of the interview were published in Nagarik Thursday.
But Prachanda clearly said talks won’t be held with Nepali Congress and UML because they were directed by India.
Television covered the Maoist chief’s address at the public rally.
What he says now and what he said then differ widely.
No reason is known for the milder tone of Pachanda.
The Maoist chief also said President Dr Ram Baran Yadav didn’t attend the inaugural of the Beijing Olympics on Indian pressure.
“I heard after becoming prime minister he didn’t go on Indian pressure,” Prachanda, who attended the Beijing Olympics said.

Former king meets LK Advani

Kathmandu, 24 Dec.: Former King Gyamendra met BJP leader LK Advani in New Delhi at his residence 19 December, Ghatana ra Bichar reports.
The former king also met some former and sitting members of parliament.
He is meeting Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh 8 and 9 January before returning home the next day.


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