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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Govt. amending constitution for seventh time for its convenience

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 28 Jan.: The interim constitution is being amended for the seventh time Thursday for the government’s convenience to activate the vice-presidency after Vice-President Parmananda Jha refused to take his oath of office in Nepali as directed by the supreme court last year.
The apex court ruled the office of the vice-president remains vacant seven days after Jha refused to obey the court’s order.
Clad in dhoti, Jha took his oath of office and secrecy in Hindi even as the president read it out in Nepali.
Jha said he didn’t know Nepali even as he conducted supreme court proceedings in the official language when he was a judge.
Challenging the court verdict and making mockery of rule of law, Maoists, Congress and UML have registered a common resolution in parliament for seventh amendment.
The parties have issued whips to lawmakers to be present in parliament during voting Thursday and the bill needs two-third majority for the bill to be approved by the 601-member parliament.
Madesh parties opposed the amendment saying Jha can’t be reinstated as the bill won’t have retrospective effect.
Through the amendment, the president, vice-president and prime minister
can take their oaths in the mother tongue.
Hindi is not the not the mother tongue of Nepalis.
The amendment bill is being presented to enable Jha to take on responsibilities of the president when Dr Ram Baran Yadav pays a state visit of India next month.
Terai parties have also been pressing for the recognition of Hindi language.

Nemwang attempting to narrow down differences

Kathmandu, 28 Jan.: Chairman Subash Nemwang Thursday is convening a meeting of top leaders of major political parties to narrow down intra-party differences on articles to be incorporated in a proposed constitution that has to be promulgated by 28 May to institutionalize a republic.
The country will be engulfed in a political crisis if the deadline
is missed.
The chairman will ask leaders of parties to sort out differences
on concepts of eight of 11 subject committee of the constituent assembly
that presented their concepts for inclusion in the constitution.
A task force headed by Agni Kharel of UML has presented to Nemwang details of differences between parties,

Special committee meets Thursday

Kathmandu, 28 Jan.: A special committee for the integration, rehanbiloitatjon meets later Thursday to finalize details of a chain of command and a secretariat for Maoist combatants.
Maoists agreed in principle this week to form a chain command and a secretariat.
Maoist retain command of the fighters even though they are in cantonments and camps under UNMIN watch.
The committee headed by Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal meets amid Maoist demands thy should lead the secretariat—a demand opposed by othr parties,
Nepali Congress leaders demanded an independent or an official of the peace ministry should head the secretariat.
Representatives of government security agencies and Maoists will
be represented in the secretariat.

Local officials intensifying protest

Kathmandu, 28 Jan.: Employees of local bodies are announcing
additional protests to push demands including trade union rights.
The employees renewed their strike accusing government for
not implementing assurances given during first round of protests in December.
Local officials renewed their protests eight days ago.
Under police protection, some private organizations lifted some garbage from the streets of the capital and Lalitpur Wednesday.
Government Wednesday empowered State Minister for Local Development
Ganesh Bahadur Khadka to negotiate with striking employees.
People seeking services have inconvenienced.

Maoist standing committee meet continues

Kathmandu, 28 Jan.: Maoist standing committee Thursday continued discussions of Chairman Prachanda’s political report for the second day.
Five persons participated in discussions Wednesday.
The meeting is discussing issues to be discussed at the HLPM, fourth phase of anti-Indian protests, constitution drafting and integration of Maoist combatants and agenda for a scheduled general convention.

Delayed promotions in army

Kathmandu, 28 Jan.: Brigadier generals Nara Bahadur Kandel and narndra Rawal have been promoted.
The major generals were acting division commanders in the west and eastern divisions.
Their promotions were delayed for nearly three month.

Bill on truth and reconciliation commission approved

Kathmandu, 28 Jan. A bill to establish a truth and reconciliation commission was approved buy the cabinet Wednesday.
The cabinet committee will finalize the bill for parliamentary

Bidya Bhandari flies for New Delhi

Kathmandu, 28 Jan.: Defence Miinister Bidya Bhandari flew or New Delhi Wednesday for medical treatmnt.
She didn’t rule out political meetings with Indian leaders before returning home Sunday.

Chandra Prakash Dhakal appointed honourary Indonesian consul general

Kathmandu, 28 Jan.: Chandra Prakash Dhakal has been appointed honourary consul general for Indonesia.
The government Wednesday okayed the decision of the Indonesian
Dhakal is a banker.

Fonseka likely to seek asylum in Nepal

Kathmandu, 28 Jan.: Gen, Sarath Fonseka is likely to seek
asylum in Nepal following his defeat in Sri Lanka presidential elections, The Kathmandu Post reports.
An unidentified woman on Wednesday phoned the Nepali Mission in Colombo after election results were announced and told
the embassy staff that Fonseka may seek asylum in Nepal.
AFP quoted Fonseka’s spokesperson as saying Fonseka was seeking protection in a neighbouring country,


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