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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Progress at Congress, UML bilateral talks

Kathmandu, 27March: Both Maoist and Nepali Congress leaders said progress were made at bilateral discussions for the first time Saturday after the death of Girija Prasad Koirala.
Congress leaders said the party was ready to discuss for government change in Maoists implemented past agreements, including the dissolution of para-military unit YCL.
Both parties called for a package solution to end a prolonged political impasse.
The inter-party discussions were held immediately after a meeting of Friday’s HLPM in which the prime minister an invited member, wasn’t called by three parties.
Prachanda said ‘very good discussions were held’ while expressing satisfaction.
Nepali Congress Vice-president Ram Chandra Paudel said YCL should be dissolved for progress.
Congress is holding bilateral talks Saturday with UML leading the government.

NRN conference in Texas

Kathmandu, 27 March: The two-day fourth regional conference of non-resident Nepali Association (NRNA) begin 29 May in Houston, Texas, with the theme “Channeling Knowledge and Investment for Nepal’s Rapid Development”.
The first, second and third regional conferences were respectively held in Doha, Bonn and Bangkok respectively.
Nearly 300 delegates from 30 countries are expected to assemble in Houston.


Cooperatives under NRB fold

Kathmandu, 27March: Nepal Rashtra Bank (NRB) Friday brought cooperatives and multi-purpose cooperatives under its fold to prevent laundering of money, the central bank said.
NRB asked them to report transactions above one million rupees within seven days of transaction, including suspicious transactions.

Increased wages for trekking workers with Maoists intervention

Kathmandu, 27 March: A meeting between Maoist labourers and trekking agency operators has decided to increase wages of trekking guides and porters, Nagarik reports from Pokhara.
Maoists have withdrawn their movement following a 20-point agreement.
A guide will get daily Rs 800 while cooks and helpers will now get Rs 650 a day as wage.
Daily wages were increased by Rs 100.


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