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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Maoists continue stance; other details

Kathmandu, 27 May: Maoist standing committee Thursday decided not to extend the tenure of the constituent assembly (CA) without the resignation of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.
“CA term can’t be extended until agreement is certain,” Spokesman Dinanath Sharma said after the committee meeting.
Maoists have been demanding the premier’s resignation and a formation of a national government to extend the CA tenure by one year though an amendment to the constitution.
Two main ruling parties have also maintained their stances for a package solution for an outlet to a deadlock.
A scheduled three-party meet hasn’t met until seven in the evening with the rigid stances of the three parties.
If the party stances continue, an 8th amendment to the interim constitution to extend the CA tenure by one year won’t be approved triggering a constitutional and political crisis.
The CA mandated to promulgate a federal republican constitution will die.
President Dr Ram Baran Yadav Thursday asked top leaders of three parties to come to an understanding to extend the CA tenure by adopting a moderate stance.
The request by a ‘ceremonial’ president has been ignored so far by the three parties.


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