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Monday, May 31, 2010

Three party meet inconclusive; other details

By Bhola B Rana

Kathmandu, 31 May: Three days after Maoists, NC and UML
in a last-minute agreement extended the constituent assembly (CA) tenure by one year Friday, differences between them have again surfaced.
Differences erupted Monday in interpretation of a three-point agreement at a three party conclave.
There was no agreement Monday at a tripartite meeting with the main opposition insisting on the resignation of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal for continuation of a dialogue to conclude the peace process and draft a constitution.
Chairman Prachanda abstained from the meet.
Ruling parties deny there was an understanding the premier would resign within five days to make way for a national unity government.
Ruling parties are insisting on a package agreement before Nepal’s resignation.
Friday’s agreement figured in parliament where Maoist chairman wasn’t present Monday either.
“Maoists have been selectively implementing past accords without implementing them fully,” NC parliamentary party leader Ram Chandra Paudel charged in the legislature Monday.
UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal ‘marathon meets’ to implement Friday’s accord.
Maoist Spokesman Dinanath Sharma said ruling parties were ‘wrongly interpreting’ the latest accord and consequences would be serious.
Meanwhile, 15 parties said the premier’s resignation should come only after implementing accords in support for the premier while charging NC and UML had been sidelining them.

Krishna Prasad Bhattarai not on govt. honour’s list

Kathmandu, 31 May: Former Prime Minister Krishna Prasad wasn’t on a government honour list announced Saturday on Republic Day after the first institution in four years.
Following a declaration of a republic, government did away with system of honour list announced by the royal palace.
Although Bhattarai quit ruling Nepali Congress the oldest party’s says he’s still a member.; the only surviving founding member of the NC quit the party after it adopted a republican agenda.
But the ruling coalition conferred the highest honour on Ganesh Man Singh although Singh too quit the Nepali Congress following differences with Girija Prasad Koirala.
It wasn’t known if Bhatatrai rejected an honour that was awarded him—a possibility that’s likely.
Bhattarai led a government that drafted a multi-party constitution and held elections after partyless panchayat was toppled and banned parties were legalized in 1990.
The honour’s list has become controversial amid criticism awards were given only to lackeys of ruling parties.
Chief Justice Ram Prasad Shrestha said government illegally awarded justices without consulting the judicial council which has the sole authority to reward justices.
Former Election Commissioner Birendra Mishra rejected the honour while actors Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya also turned down mention by the cabinet.
Government has come under fire for rewarding those who allegedly committed rights abuses.
In a clear message to the ‘international community’ Maoists government honoured former Army Chief Gen Kurmangud Katawal, his successor Gen Chatraman Singh and the next likely chief Gen Gaurab SJB Rana for their contributions.

SC order

Kathmandu, 31 May: Supreme court (SC) division bench Sunday stayed a government order stopping networking business following United Life International scam conning thousands of customers.
Government repealed the Network Marketing Business Directives 2009.
The verdict said the government directive prevented a fundamental right conduct business.
Four networks challenged the government decision.
The ban on United Life Insurance continues even after the apex court verdict.


“In 2036 BP Koirala proposed to the king not to talk with other NC leaders except him.”

(Former royal aide Chiran Thapa, Nepal newsmagazine, 31 May)


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