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Monday, October 31, 2011


Kathmandu, 1 Nov.: Several Tibetan refugees were injured Tuesday as they clashed with police who attempt to stop a rally in Jawalakhel, eyewitnesses said.
Several refugees from a nearby camp were injured and some were arrested.
The refugees were taking out a rally to remember monks killed in Tibet.
Government doesn’t encourage demonstrations by refugees living in Nepal as the country maintains a One China Policy.



Kathmandu, 1 Nov.: Applications for machine readable passports (MRPs) will be collected in remaining 34 districts and travel documents will be issued from11 districts, a foreign announcement said Tuesday.
In the first such passports were issued from three districts in the Valley; their distribution was extended to 38 of the nation’s 75 districts in the second phase to make it easier for people to acquire passports.
MRPs are replacing hand-written passports as demanded by ICAO to fight crimes.


Kathmandu, 1 Nov. A foundation stone of a Rs. 70 million bridge along the 90km Simikot-Hilsa road linking Humla in the far-West and Tibet was laid by Finance Barsha Man Pun Sunday.
The bridge is being constructed across Karnali river.
The road construction was started by Nepal Army 15 years ago.


Kathmandu, 1 Nov.: One woman died and 15 others were injured in a collision of a jeep and tractor at Ramgram Municipality in Nawalparasi district, Monday night, RSS reports from Parasi.

A jeep with the Registration No. Sa 1 JA 48 and tractor Lu 1 Ta 7497 had collided killing Israwati Toli, 40, of Ramgram -5.

Five injured are undergoing treatment in Bhairahawa Medical College, Bhairahawa, and others in Prithvi Chandra Hospital.


Kathmandu, 1Nov.: A heavy fire broke out at Dantakali Pashupati Groceries in Narayangadh of Chitwan, on Monday night, RSS reports from Chitwan.

The fire that began at 12:00 pm in the store located at the house of Dinesh Rathi of Anandamarga in Bharatpur-4 could not be brought under control yet.

Although two fire engines from Birgunj, one from Hetauda and one from Bharatpur have been trying to douse the fire, but in vain.

Nepal Army, Armed and Civil Police are making efforts to control it. Neighboring house of Raj Kumar Shrestha has also caught fire from it.

Although the police said no details of loss had been received, Rathi said he incurred losses of more than 30 million rupees.


Kathmandu, 1 Nov.: One man of Indian origin drowned in Mechi River of Jhapa district on Monday evening, RSS reports from Gaurigunj.

The full identity of the deceased, aged around 40-45, is yet to be ascertained, said the District Police Office as one has come to received the body

He fell prey to the trans-boundary river, flowing through Nepal and India, while heading to Galgaliya of India from Bhadrapur at 5:00 pm.

The locals had rescued him and sent to the Mechi Zonal Hospital where he was declared dead upon arrival.


Kathmandu, 1 Nov.: Birds migrating away during the summer have returned to the Jagadishpur Lake of Kapilbastu district, which is listed in the world heritage list of wetlands, RSS reports from Kaapilbastu..

Birds which took flight elsewhere during summer season, return to this wetland in the month of September-October, said Chairman of the Dynamic Lake Protection Committee, Sundar Pandey.

The lake spread in 157 hectares of land is second largest man made lake in Asia. Some 128 bird species and 46 species of fish and rare birds live here.

Birds from Siberia of Russia, China, Mongolia and mid-Asia visit here, said senior ornithologist Hemsagar Baral.

Even if this was enlisted in the international wetlands seven years ago, no proper fortification has been made, and although it is one of the most important tourism destination of the district.


Kathmandu, 1 Nov.`: Hundreds of Nepali migrant workers, deemed illegal by the Malaysian government, are all set to leave Malaysia within a couple of weeks, Om Astha Rai reports in Republica.

As of Monday -- the day the October 31 deadline set by the Malaysian government for illegal foreign workers to leave the country expired -- around 3,500 Nepali migrants have obtained travel documents, required in absence of valid passports, from the Nepali embassy to return home.

“Illegal workers should leave Malaysia as soon as possible,” said Lekhnath Bhattarai, counselor at the Nepali embassy in Malaysia, adding, “Travel documents are generally valid for two weeks. If some Nepali illegal worker is found in Malaysia after two weeks of obtaining travel document, Malaysian authorities can penalize him before deporting.”

On Monday alone, the last day of the deadline, the embassy was crowded with Nepali workers willing to obtain travel documents for leaving Malaysia. “Some 400 workers received travel documents today,” Bhattarai said, adding, “The crowd of workers approaching the embassy for obtaining travel documents was never so huge before.”

Malaysia has said that those illegal workers who return home before the expiry of its deadline -- issued as part of its extensive campaign for wiping out undocumented foreign workers -- will not be punished. In August, Malaysia had launched its biggest ever campaign to document all foreign workers, legal and illegal, under biometric system.

Around 33,000 Nepali workers were found working illegally in Malaysia. The Malaysian government has taken finger prints of all illegal workers. In Malaysia, those workers who have overstayed their visas or switched to some other employer-company are deemed illegal.

Those illegal workers who have not obtained travel documents will have to apply for legalizing their positions in Malaysia.

“Some Nepali workers applying for legalizing their status may fail medical tests or may not find satisfactory new job contracts,” Bhattarai said. “They will probably return home. So, the number of Nepali workers returning home during the amnesty program of Malaysia could go even higher.”

Kumud Khanal, general secretary of Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies (NAFEA), said, “Actually, no Nepali worker wants to return home. Only those who failed to find sponsors for legalizing their illegal status have unwillingly left Malaysia for Nepal.”

With the expiry of the amnesty deadline, hundreds of Nepali workers are struggling to arrange flight tickets for returning home.

Of the total number of Nepali workers who received travel documents, only a few hundred are believed to have left Malaysia long before the deadline expired.

DEPT. TO FIX MRP OF 25 GOODS________________________________________
Kathmandu, 1 Nov.: Department of Customs is preparing to declare the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of over two dozen luxurious and high-value goods, in a bid to discourage under-invoicing and make customs valuation more realistic, The Himalayan Times reports..

The Finance Ministry has also given a green signal to the Department of Customs in fixing Maximum Retail Price, according to joint secretary at the Finance Ministry Shanta Raj Subedi.

The ministry has received the file from the Department of Customs and the process of approving it is underway, he said, adding that the ministry will take decision on MRP soon.

“The department has listed some 25 goods to declare Maximum Retail Price,” director general of the department Tanka Mani Sharma said, adding that the department has, however, forwarded the file to the Finance

Ministry a week ago asking the latter’s approval to declare MRP of 10 goods in the first phase.

“The department has asked Finance Ministry to declare MRP of only 10 goods since it will be difficult to manage and implement the MRP, if more goods are declared at once,” he added.

The department will implement the MRP of other goods gradually.

The department has

suggested the Finance Ministry to fix MRP of goods related to hardware, bathroom fitting, shoes, electronics goods and cosmetics, he said. “Similarly, the department has also listed cosmetics, garments, leather, confectionery and drinks item to fix MRP.”

Department of Customs has finalised the goods that have good revenue value.

Declaration of Maximum Retail Price will help reduce import of under-invoiced goods and cheating to the consumers, according to the Department of Customs.

“Implementation of MRP will also have positive impact on government revenue mobilisation,” Sharma said, adding that the traders have to disclose the price list after implementing MRP.

The department fixes Maximum Retail Price based on the price quoted on customs declaration forms. It also includes transportation cost and profit margin of the traders, according to it.
Officials fear the decision of Armed Police Force Headquarters to recall the vehicles used for patrolling in Tarai districts may adversely affect the overall security situation, Shiva Puri reports in The Kathmandu Post from Rautahat..
The armed police resorted to this decision citing budget crunch. Until recently, an APF camp was looking after a dozen VDCs on average.
According to APF Bara, the camps in Rautahat, Bara, Parsa, Sarlahi, Dhanusa and Mahottarai are devoid of security vehicles following the direction from the headquarters. APF DIG Rishabdev Bhattarai said the decision to call back the vehicles was made under compulsion owing to lack of funds to cover expenses for fuel, repair and rent charge. He, however, said each camp needs at least one vehicle for patrolling.
Patrolling vehicles have already been recalled from the camps based at Belbichhuwa, Rampur Khap, Bankul, Bhalohiya, Dabahi and Santapur in Rautahat. Each camp had been using vehicles on the monthly rental basis from Rs 30,000 to Rs 35,000.
Without vehical facility, APF personnel were finding it hard to go around and see if there is any trouble or danger. “It is difficult to patrol on 7-8 km route per day without vehicles. In absence of vehicles, chances of criminals taking to their heels after committing criminal activities are high,” said a security personnel requesting anonymity.
The Base camp at Santapur is struggling to patrol in and around Chandranigahapur area along East-West Highway due to lack of vehicles. Following a rise in criminal activities, the government had provided vehicles to APF camps in Tarai districts.


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