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Sunday, October 30, 2011



Kathmandu, 31 Oct: Jabeda Khan, 35, a Pakistani national, was
arrested by Metropolitan Police Sunday with a fake British passport in the city.
He was arrested with traveler checks from Euro Money
Exchange in Thamel.
Khan, also carrying a Pakistani passport. was arrested while
changing dollars producing fake Australian travel documents.
The Pakistani national has been in Nepal for two months.


Kathmandu, 31 Oct. Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minster
Bijaya Kumar Gachedhar, who is also Chairman of MJFL,
Sunday asked for a four-month extension of constituent
assembly (CA).
The three-month extended tenure ends 30 November to conclude the peace process and promulgate a constitution—a deadline which is
unlikely to be met.
Gachedhar sought the extension for what he called ‘complete
constitution writing’ in Biratnagar.


Kathmandu, 31 Oct. Nepal Police IGP Rabindra Pratap Shah and
AFP IGP Shailendra Kumar Shrestha flew for Vietnam Sunday.
They’re participating there in the 80th general assembly of Interpol.


Kathmandu, 31 Oct.: The SAARC Twenty 20 Cup has been postponed for a day after Bangladesh were unable to send a team to the tournament. According to the new schedule, the maiden event will kick-off from Tuesday in the Maldives, The Kathmandu Post reports.
The U-25 cricket team of Nepal will face Sri Lanka in the second match of the inaugural day, while host Maldives have an easier opponent, Bhutan, to deal with in the curtain raiser.
Bangladesh’s withdrawal from the event has made the home team’s road to semi-finals a lot easier as Afghanistan is the only real threat in their way.
For Nepal, a lot has to be done should they move into the semis. With the likes of cricketing giants Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India in the same group, B, Nepal’s road is covered with hurdles and coach Pubudu Dassanayake, who is making his debut with the team, will have to pull off something extra.
The 14-member Nepali team will be headed by skipper Paras Khadka and Gyanendra Malla will serve as his deputy.
The team also includes Mahesh Chhetri, Anil Mandal, Sharad Vesawkar, Amrit Bhattarai and Binod Bhandari. Likewise, CAN has included seven players from the U-19 squad—Prithu Baskota (U-19 captain), Rahul BK, Naresh Budhaayer, Pradeep Airee, Krishna Karki, Bhuwan Karki and Avinash Karna.
After playing against Sri Lanka, Nepal will take on India on November 3 and Pakistan on November 5. The tournament is likely to give strength to the senior team who are preparing themselves for the ACC Twenty20 Cup slated for December in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu, 31 Oct.: In a bid to curb rampant fraudulent activities in foreign employment business, the government is gearing up for the on-site monitoring of foreign employment agencies. The Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) has already prepared a work plan to this effect, The Kathmandu Post reports.
The monitoring, according to DoFE, will focus on issues like fraud cases, fee collected by agencies, record keeping of workers, illegal shifting of offices, details of branches and appointment of agents, among others. As of the first quarter of current fiscal year, there are 815 foreign employment agencies registered at the department.
The department has demanded two under-secretary level officials from the Ministry of Labour and Transport Management to carry out the first ever on-site monitoring of foreign employment agencies.
The DoFE data shows that complaints about agencies cheating aspiring migrant workers are on rise. In the last fiscal year, a total of 483 cases of cheating were filed at the department and the victims had demanded compensation worth Rs 171.9 million. The number of such cases in the first quarter of the current fiscal year have already reached 208.
According to department officials, two-third of the fraud cases filed at DoFE are related to cheating by agents, also known as middlemen, who are directly or indirectly involved with agencies.
The department has long been asking agencies to appoint agents to help reduce fraud cases, however only two—SOS Manpower Service and Blue Sky International—have appointed agents—three each. “It is a must to bring all agents within the legal framework as well as fix their commission to help control fraud cases,” said Kashi Raj Dahal, director at the department.
The ‘Taskforce on Foreign Employment Management and Improvement’ in its recent report had also suggested the government to bring these agents under the law. Hundreds of agents are working for agencies without any legal recognition, according to DOFE officials. These agents help agencies collect candidates from across the country.
The government allows foreign employment agencies to open their branches in and outside the country to promote their business. Although, there are an estimated 200 plus such branches in the country, only four dozen branches are legally registered at the department. In the monitoring, the department will also seek information from the agencies about their branches. “Also, Many agencies are found shifting their offices illegally without our permission, so we also have to discourage such practices,” he said.


Kathmandu, 31 Oct.: Two Young Communist League (YCL) activists were injured in a clash between two rival factions at Prithvi Chowk-based YCL camp in Pokhara, Kaski, on Saturday night, Lal Prasad Sharma reports in The Kathmandu Post from Pokhara.
The clash erupted between two YCL factions close to party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya.
Givinda Oli and Ajaya Kashyap, both of the Baidya faction, sustained serious injuries in the clash. They sustained cut injuries in stomach and neck. “A group of about 10 inebriated youths led by Shriman BK and Santosh Gurung, who are close to Dahal, suddenly attacked us with khukuris while we were watching TV in the camp at around 9 pm,” said the injured. They claimed that one Raj Kumar Dulal had orchestrated the attack.
The Baidya faction said that the attack was premeditated. They claimed that Oli was attacked as he had attended a training programme in Tanahun on October 21 wherein party General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa was the chief instructor.
“Santosh asked Chandra Bahadur Kumal and Purna Rawal to go out of the camp with him. When they turned down his offer, there was an altercation between the two groups followed by violent attacks,” said Dil Bahadur Sunar, who witnessed the incident.
Maoist district in-charge Jhalakpani Tiwari, who is considered close to Dahal, denied the charge and claimed there was no such incident inside the camp. “Oli is not a member of any party committee. He might have been injured in a drunken brawl,” he said. About 50 YCL men have been taking shelter in the camp now. A party source said the camp is under nobody’s control in the recent days.


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