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Friday, June 29, 2012

NEW MAOIST PARTY FOR MASS MOVEMENT TO TOPPLE PM BHATTARAI AND CONDUCT GENERAL CONVENTION Kathmandu, 30 June: CPN Maoist Vice-chairman CP Gajurel said Saturday the party lunched after splitting with UCPN Maoist, the party leading the government, is launching a movement against the government in the absence of parliament. There’s no legal way to topple the Baburam Bhattarai government. The only way is to remove it through a street movement,” Gajurel said in a radio interview. He said Bhattarai “only has the support of four/five Madeshbai parties’. The leader of the new communist party said opposition parties NC an UML a were ‘consulting Chairman Prachanda” to remove Bhattarai and added, ”This is not possible.” Prachanda heads UCPN Maoist of which Bhattarai is vice-chairman. Gajurel said ‘there’s a national crisis’ and ‘this was willfully created by Bhattarai/ CPN Maoists plans to hold Bhattarai at his official residence stopping g from moving out of Baluwatar during a planned street movement, Gajurel said. The new party is also planning to hold a general convention.. . “Mo convention has been held for 22 years whereas it should normally be held once every four years. Prachanda never conducted it,” Gajurel added. “There’s no need for resignation of government. There should be consensus for a consensus government,” Health


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