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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FIRST STONE-CARVED INSCRIPTION IN BAD CONDITION Kathmandu, 6 March: Nepal's first-ever stone-carved inscription in Tathali VDC of Bhaktapur is on the verge of collapse in lack of preservation, RSS reports from Bhaktapur.. The historical inscription has been in shamble due to lack of necessary publicity and preservation however it was detected at Nalachhap and Halal village in Tathali VDC-3 in eastern Bhaktapur two years back. The existence of rarely-found stone inscription is increasingly in peril for no attention on part of stakeholders to preserve the heritage, said culture experts and historicians. According to Culture and History expert Purswottam Lochan Shrestha, the Malla-era stone inscriptions have been with engraved words and images. It has had the carved image of lion, bull-fighting, elephant and horse along with Newari scripts. The inscription has clearly described the Malla-era Kings' arrival in Tathali to bring stones for the construction of temples and tapes, Shrestha further said. The stone inscriptions carved in Nepal Sambat 778 describing the activities of then King of Kathmandu Pratap Malla are found in Basuki of Tathali. Though it is necessary to expedite works to get it listed in the World Heritage, the sides concerned are turning their deaf ear to preserve the national asset, Shrestha added. Nnnn NEW CHINESE ARRIVES THURSDAY Kathmandu, 6 March: New Chinese ambassador Wu Chuntai arved Thursday to take up his assignment. Wu., a security expert, replaces Yang Houlan who was recalled in 20 months and appointed ambassador to Myanmar. Nnnn


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