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Monday, March 11, 2013

FOUR MAJOR PLAYERS EFFORT FORMATION OF GOVT UNDER CHIEF JUSTICE Kathmandu, 12 March: Four major players began consultations Tuesday morning to form a controversial government under Chief Justice Khil Ram Regmi to conduct second constituent assembly in June. The government deadline is unlikely to be met. A task force appointed by parties began Tuesday morning to codify suggestions of Chief Justice Regmi to party lea leaders Monday as pre-condition to take up an offer to lead to government. Regmi opposed the formation of a high-level political mechanism of to[ [arty leaders above the government he’ll lead to maintain a party grip on the administration. The chief also oppose specific mention of a deadline for an assembly vote. The task force recommendations will be presented to a summit of four main political players for endorsement which will then by approved by the capinet and sent to the President DR. Raam Baran Yadav for enforcement. Former Chief Justice Anil Raj Sharma and senior lawyers said the entire effort is unconstitutional, including the appointment of a chief justice to run a government and and efforts to amend a constitution which has to be approved by a two-third majority of parliament. Parliament has been dissolved. “I se some leaders demolishing houses constructed in a planned manner..Is the country moving towards towards constitutional darkness”” Sharma asked. Nnnn TUESDAY’S CAPITAL MINIMUM TEMPERATURE 11 DEGREES CELSIUS Kathmandu, 12 March: : Capital’s minimum temperature Tuesday is expected to be 11 degrees Celsius. Mercury is expected to rise to 26 degrees in the afternoon. nnnn


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