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Sunday, March 17, 2013

FOUR POWER MEETS GAIN TO RECOMMEND NAMES OF MINISTERS AND ELECTION OFFICIALS Kathmandu, 18 March: A eight-member high level political body of four main political called ‘ four-party syndicate’ by critics meets gain Monday to suggest members of the cabinet and election officials. Maoist Chairman Prachanda chairs the body for the first month on rotation.. The names are being recommended to the Khil Raj Regmi government as the government has prioritized cabinet expansion and appointment of election officials. The three-member government can be expanded to 11 members by inducting only retied special class government officials. Election officials Sunday briefed Regmi and sought Rs.7 billion for the June vote with option to conduct it is November. nnnn . MACHINDRA PLAYS NEPAL ARMY IN SUPER LEAGUE MODAY Kathmandu, 18 March: Machindra will take on Nepal Army in the martyrs memorial A division super league Monday at Dashrath Rangashaka. Eight clubs are playing in the league. Nnnn CAPITAL’S MONDAY MORNING TEMPERATURE EXPECTED TOBE 9 DEGREES CELSIUS Kathmandu, 18 March: Capital’s minimum morning temperature Monday expected to be 9 degrees Celsius. Mercury expected to rise to 25 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. nnnn MILTARY EXERCISE WITH US, OTHER FOREIGN ARMIES BEING CONDUCTED Kathmandu, 18 Marcy:: Nepal, the United States and several other countries are conducting a massive peacekeeping exercise meant to boost peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region from March 25 to April 7M The Himalayan Times reports.. According to the Nepali Army’s Directorate of Public Relations (DPR), the multinational exercise dubbed Shanti Prayas-2, to be held at the Panchkhal-based Birendra Peace Operations Training Centre and in Kathmandu, is the latest in a series of exercises in the Asia-Pacific region meant to promote regional peace and security and enhance the peacekeeping capabilities and capacity of nations participating in the Global Peace Operations Initiative, a G8 nations’ initiative to increase peace support operations capabilities worldwide. “The GPOI Programme expands global peacekeeping capability and capacity to meet increased peace support operations requirements through a long-term commitment to assist partner nations with training, facilities and equipment in establishing an increased level of indigenous training capacity,” the DPR said in a press statement. “Being a major troop contributing country, Nepal and the Nepali Army have extensive knowledge and experience in peace support operations. Hosting this type of exercise in Nepal will not only enhance Nepal’s peacekeeping capabilities, but will also help other participating nations.” The training conducted during the exercise will consist of a vignette-based staff training exercise and a field training exercise,” it added. The staff training exercise will combine NA officers and officers invited from Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Canada, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Paraguay, the Philippines, Rwanda, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Thailand, and Vietnam. The participants will get to refine skills required for UN peacekeeping missions around the world. An international cadre of instructors with extensive peacekeeping and peacekeeping-training experience and personnel from the US’ Pacific Command will facilitate the training. Militaries from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Nepal, the Philippines, Paraguay and Rwanda will conduct the field training. These forces will enhance basic skills used when conducting peacekeeping operations. A peek into Shanti Prayas-2 • Exercise to boost security in the Asia-Pacific • Meant to refine skills required for UN’s peacekeeping missions • Personnel from US’ Pacific Command to facilitate training to army officers from countries, including Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, South Korea and Vietnam Nnnn BURGLARY RACKET BUSTED Kathmandu, 18 March:: Sleuths from the Metropolitan Police Crime Division raided the Gaushala-based Kailash Guest House and arrested a 10-member racket involved in serial burglaries in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Biratnagar. The MPCD made Friday’s raid and arrest public only today [Sunday], stating that it had kept the action under wraps in view of sensitivity of the case. The detainees are Pawan Sah, Sashad Ansari aka Bhaluwa, Angesh Sah, Madan Sah, Sanjay Sahani, Sanjay Sah, Jitendra Sah, Aman Kumar, Roman Kumar Yadav Naim Miya of Motihari (India) and aged between 20 and 35. DSP Surendra Mainali, in-charge of the Anti-theft Section at the MPCD, said the well-equipped gang, active for three years, used to shuttle between India and Nepal to commit burglaries with major target on jewellery stores and electronic showrooms. “The gang was hatching a plot to break into a showroom of Samsung electronics at Banepa in Kavre when we cordoned off the guest house and took them under control on the basis of an intelligence input,” he informed. Police revealed that the racket had committed burglaries at mobile phone shops in Koteshwor, Battisputali, Jadibuti, Thankot, New Road, Purano Baneshwor, jewellery stores in Koteshwor and Hetauda, a mobile phone shop in Chandranigahapur (Rautahat), at Infotech Laptop Store and a mobile phone store in Biratnagar in course of three years. “The gang members have conceded to their involvement in serial burglaries,” DSP Mainali said, adding that they used to carry equipment such as a gas wielding machine used for tearing zinc-plated roller shutters for burglary, especially during the wee hours.” “The racket used to fly to Kathmandu from Biratnagar and take home all burgled goods for sale,” DSP Mainali said. They never sold stolen goods to buyers in Nepal out of fear that police will get them. The MPCD confiscated seven mobile phone sets, equipment used for breaking into shops, two air tickets, ornaments and Rs 20,000. “They used to go back home after crime to sell the burgled valuables and return in main cities of Nepal for burglaries. The gang used to stay in luxurious guest houses to outwit police investigators,” he informed. Modus operandi • The well-equipped gang used to strike during wee hours • The gang members would never sell the stolen goods in Nepal, fearing exposure to police. • They would go to India to sell the loot • They would stay in luxurious guest houses to outwit police. Nnnn ELECITION RECMMENDED ON 18 JUNE Kathmandu, 18 March8: The newly-formed High Level Political Committee (HLPC) on Sunday decided to recommend the Interim Election Council to hold Constituent Assembly (CA) election on June 18m Republica reports. The HLPC meeting held at the Special Committee Secretariat in New Baneshwar on Sunday took the decision. HLPC head and UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal later in the day briefed the Chairman of the Interim Election Council Khil Raj Regmi about the decision. The HLPC formed with the main objective to assist the election-government for creating conducive environment for the elections comprises two leaders each from the big four parties -- UCPN (Maoist), Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and United Democratic Madhesi Front. A meeting of the top leaders from the big 4 on Saturday had formed the HLPC. Sunday´s meeting also discussed in detail about other candidates to be appointed to various constitutional bodies including the Election Commission, Public Service Commission, the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) and the Office of Auditor General from their respective parties although they have already agreed on the heads of the bodies. According to a leader involved in the negotiations, the parties have agreed to appoint Lok Man Singh Karki as the head of the CIAA, Neel Kantha Upreti as Chief Election Commissioner, Bhanu Acharya as Auditor General and Kayo Devi Yami as the head of the Public Service Commission. As President Dr Ram Baran Yadav endorsed the ordinance related to the formation of constitutional council as per Article 88 (1) of the Interim Constitution-2007, the Interim Election Council is expected to take decision on the appointments in these bodies based on the recommendations of the parties. The ordinance that amends the Constitutional Council Work Duties and Rights Procedures Act paves the way for the Interim Election Council to make appointments to the constitutional bodies without conducting parliamentary hearings. Sources said Bijay Kumar Gachchhadar has recommended Ram Krishna Nirala as one of the election commissioners on behalf of the UDMF. Likewise, parties are mulling over several names including Bindra Hada for appointment as election commissioner. On Thursday, the parties had agreed to reinstate former Acting Chief Election Commissioner Upreti and commissioners Dolakh Bahadur Gurung and Ayodhi Prasad Yadav in the EC. Meanwhile, the Interim Election Council has expedited consultations with the top leaders of various political parties to hold the poll within the stipulated date. On Sunday morning, Home and Foreign Minister Madhav Prasad Ghimire had reached the residence of NC President Sushil Koirala to discuss election preparations. During the meeting, Minister Ghimire had asked NC President Koirala to extend the latter´s full support to the government to create conducive environment for CA polls. The only agenda of the country is to hold free, and fair elections, Koirala said, and urged the government to make sure that the elections are free and fair, NC spokesperson Dilendra Badu quoted President Koirala as telling Ghimire. Koirala had assured the government his party´s full support and urged the government to pay attention to bolster law and order situation for conducting elections in free and fair manner, according to Badu. Nnnn FAST-TRACK ARMY PROMOTIONS CHALLENGED Kathmandu, 18 March : A writ petition was filed at the Supreme Court (SC) on Sunday against the decision of the Nepal Army (NA) to promote 16 lieutenant colonels to the post of colonel. Lieutenant colonel Sampat Kumar Aryal among seven other lieutenant colonels moved the apex court arguing that the fast track promotions are intended to create inequality among equals, Republica reports , . The writ petitioners have stated that the newly introduced promotion procedure is against the existing laws, army protocol and operational law. All the eight writ petitioners were contenders for promotion. Earlier, nine lieutenant colonels had expressed reservations over the newly introduced promotion procedure for the vacant posts of colonel. They had also filed complaint against the fast-track promotion system claiming that the committee formed to recommend names for promotions was unfair and unacceptable. The fast-track promotions committee had recommended sixteen names for promotion. Nnnn MEDIA GOOGLE "The recent 25-point and 11-point agreements signed between the major political parties was not a political pact but a deal between the prominent leaders of the UCPN (Maoist), Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF). "All the other parties have strong objection to the agreement.” (CPN Maoist Deputy Chief CP Gajurel tells foreign govts. supporting Regmi govt., The Kathmandu Post, 18 March) nnnn


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