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Monday, March 18, 2013

JAYAPRAKASH PRASAD GUPTA RELEASED Kathmandu, 17 March: Founder and Patron of MJFN-Ganantrik Jayaptakash Prasad Gupta was released from Dilli Bazzar Khor Monday morning after completing a 13-month jail sentence slapped by supreme court for finanfial irregularities while minister. Gupta was minister in government of Girija Prasad Koirala an a successive ministry after quitting nC to launch MJFN. The supreme court slapped a Rs. 13 million fine for possessing wealth disproportionate to his income. He was relesed to the warm welcome of supporters five months after completing a 18-month sentence for good behaviour.. The court also said gupta financial of Rs.13 million. Gupta can’t engage in politics because of his conviction. nnnn NBA ON ANTI-REGMI NATION-WIDE PROTESTS Kathmandu 17 March; Nepal Bar Association (NBA) is holding nation-wide protests against government chil Khil Raj Regmi Monday deanding he resign from one of two posts he holds. Regmi says he has no links with the apex court even without resigning to take up his job as government chief. NBA members said protests will continue until Regmi reesigns from one of two positions. CPN Maoist is also holing anti-Regmi protests while interacting with former lawmakers. nnnn . REGMI OFFERS PUJA, PRAYERS AT PASHUPATINATH Kathmandu, 18 March: Government Chief Khil Raj Regmi offered prayers and ppija at Pashupatinath temple Monday. Regmi said Monday his whole attention is centered on holding elections. .He is expected to expand his three-member government Monday.. Each member of government is expected to be allocated two ministries each. nnnn


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