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Thursday, March 21, 2013

PRACHANDA DEFENDS FORMER MAOIST LAWMAKER CONVICTED FOR MURDER Kathmandu, 22 March: NC has called a central committee meting 28 March. The meeting will discuss current issues as differences even on the appointment of the Khil Raj Regmi, a sitting chief justice, surface. Differences have also speared on support for the appointment of ‘tainted’ former Chief Secretary Lokman Singh Karki who was chief secretary during the royal regime. His appointment was supported by President Sushil Koiraala at a meting of the high-level committee of four political parties and a group advising and directing the government. Karki’s name has been recommended s CIAA chief. UML Chairman Jhalanaath Khanal and Vice-chairman Bamdev Gautam also supported the appointment proposed by Maoists and Madeshbadi arties. NC and UML later came out publicly against the appointment. Deep differences over the support for Karki by Khanal and Gautam surfaced at Thursday’s meeting of UML standing committee which was didn’t even take up agenda issues. Madhav Kumar Nepal came out openly against the support for Karki as Gautam said recommendation to appointment can’t be taken back. Gautam even accused chairman of party disciplinary committee Amrit Bohara for issuing a statement opposing Karki’s appointment.. Nnnn NO DISCUSSION ON APPOINTMENTS AT HIGH-LEVEL POLITICAL MECHANISM Kathmandu, 22 March: Except for recommendations for appointment in the election commission, the high-level political of four main political players behind government didn’t take up appointment o vacant positions in other constitutional bodies with differences on appointment of Lokman Singh Karki. Chairmen of public service commission and attorney attorney have to be appointed. mee ONE KILLED IN GORKHA LIGHTNING Kathmandu, 22 March: One person was killed at Gorlang VDC Thursday In Gorkha. Lightning killed two persons and injured five others in Sjndupalchowk. the same day. nnnn NEPAL ARMY, NPC PLAY IS SUPER LEAGUE FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Kathmandu, 22 March: Nepal Army and Nepal Police Club play in the martyrs memorial division super league championship at Dashrath Rangashala Friday, Three Star Club lead the chart. Eight teams are participating. nnnn CAPITAL’S MINIMUM TEMPERATURE 7 DEGREES CELSIUS Kathmandu, 22 March: Capital’s minimum temperature at seven in the morning was Friday was 7 degrees Celsius. Mercury is expected is expected to rise to 29 degrees Celsius in the afternoon in rainy and cloudy cindition . Cold continues even in Caitra when rainfall has been recorded three days. with minimum temperature hovering around 7 degrees Celsius and maximum not rising. nnnn


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